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A Cinematic Illustration: Bob Stoops Abruptly Learns That He Doesn't Have Any Sharks

Editorial Confession - This idea wasn't original to me but came to me through one of our readers so I took it and ran with it. We might as well have a little fun with the loss to Texas Tech, right? 

Playing The Role Of Texas Tech: Austin Powers and entourage

Playing The Role Of Bob Stoops: Dr. Evil 

Playing The Role Of Brent Venables: Number Two

Since August we've heard that the Sooner defense had nicknamed themselves the "sharks" with the understanding that they would swarm to the ball and draw blood from their opponents. While the defense had played fairly well through the first half of the season they were taken to task last Saturday night by the Texas Tech offense begging the question, what happened to the sharks. 

"Probably fair to say not consistent enough, or maybe overrated on how good they are, too. To me, it's how do you want to say it? Oh, if you're more intense you're going to make that play? To me, either you do, or you don't. Or maybe you're not quite good enough to make that play and that guy just beat you on that route and out-executed you. Or maybe they coached their kid better to run the route better than we coached our kid to cover. All of it amounts to the same thing. To me, to point to 'It's all intensity,' that's a cop out. I don't buy that." - Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops on the Sooner defense