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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Kansas State

Typically you'd expect a majority of the questions at Stoops' weekly presser to focus on the Sooners upcoming opponent, but today probably isn't going to be your "typical" day.  I'm fully expecting Stoops to get agitated early and often, so this might not be the usual snorefest.

* "Look back at the Tech game it's really like I said that night.  From the 2nd quarter to the opening series of the third quarter, we really just got outcoached and outplayed in all facets of the game.  They score then we score and it's 7-7, then in the second quarter is where it all got away from us."

* "I appreciate the players in there battling back, gave ourselves a chance to get back in the game but in the end it just wasn't enough."

* "Tech did everything that they needed to in order to build a lead that we couldn't come back from."

* Stoops says that everyone had a good attitude Monday in practice (I think we've heard that before only to have them come back post game say it wasn't the case).

* Stoops very quickly moves on to K-State.  Doubt the media is going to let it go that easy or will they?

* Stoops says it's not a case of not being interested (meaning the players) and gives credit to their opponents.

* Stoops says they'll continue to work Colvin in at CB, but still rotate Lynn in as well.

* Says there is a chance that Fleming could be back against KSU (yeah right Bob).

* What are the signs that they're seeing that the players aren't ready?  You're going through some adjustments and the guys don't recognize what you're tyring to do.  Offensively, more drops than you're used to or we have to work through the plays more times than we're used to.  At the end of the day you can tell you're just not as sharp as you need to be.

* Stoops says that Wort will play this week (I'll believe it when I see it.  Bob has less than zero credibility when it comes to injury reports).

* Stoops continues to give credit to Tech rather than make excuses for OU's poor play.

* Some genius changes the topic with a "what did you learn from Snyder" question.  Uh guy, who cares?!?  It's not like this is the first time they've played, pretty sure that question has been asked and answered.

* "There is no describing how horrendous it was at K-State when Coach Snyder took over and when I first got there."  Asked why he took the job there then, "I knew we'd win."  Stoops goes on to say that he didn't even ask Snyder what he was going to pay him before he accepted the job.

* They (the media with their questions) just go on and on about the glory days at KSU.  C'mon guys, this is what you think people want to hear about?  Look for a BUNCH of fluff pieces about the teacher and his star pupil from the local OK papers (barf).

* Any personnel changes for this game?  "I believe we'll have more guys back, so in that sense yes."  No personnel changes from the performance against Tech?  "No, not really."  (That's a lie IMO)

* How much does Whaley make a difference in the run game?  "His strength and power is different from some of the other guys.  Some of it is a lack of execution, guys not picking up or missing some blocks."

* Evidently Marshall Musil is not the backup fullback any longer.  Apparently it's Aaron Ripkowski now.  Maybe you guys knew that, I did not.

* Asked about Travis' post game comments, possibly calling out some teammates.  "I'm not getting into that.  You know he's frustrated, it's not a big deal.  Our team is very close together, so it's probably just another reason why I shouldn't let him go talk to you guys."

* How do you get this team emotionally ready for K-State?  "They way we practice, the way we come into the game.  You know, I don't have a magic trick to make them want to play the game.  Much like this isn't the first time we've had somebody dying to play us."

* Here we go, Bob is getting annoyed with all the questions about the team not being ready to play.

* Stoops doesn't believe Mizzou or Tech was a case of the team not being ready to play.  Says too many times his guys are expected to execute perfectly.  Says just because they're not up a couple TDs and the end of every quarter or half doesn't mean something is wrong.  He again goes out of his way to give all credit to Tech.

* Stoops says it's fair to say the emotion and intensity from the defense hasn't been consistent also says maybe they're a little overrated.

* Stoops keeps saying it's only been one day, meaning Monday's practice, and that he's plenty happy with how they've responded to the loss.

* Seven games in, do you have a sense of how good you are?  "Like I've said all along, we've got to keep progressing and getting better.  So no, we've still got a lot of things we can keep working on."

* Asked about his comment before the season about it being time to win another MNC, so did they (the team) surprise you in maybe not being prepared to do so.  "Um, you know.  Surprised me, no I can't say that.  You can't anticipate injuries.  There is a lot of stuff that goes into it."

* Stoops is really annoyed now.  Give Dean Blevins a lecture on how they always turn his answers around on him and twist it into something different than what he was really saying.

* What was going on with a lot of 2nd and shorts getting blown up?  "A time or two it's guys not knowing who to block or just getting beat.  A time or two it's just missed assignments."

* Says Stevens is still not practicing.  So who wants to bet that about two or three weeks after the season we hear that he had quit the team months ago?

* Asked how he plans to use Brennan Clay and Roy Finch in the run game.  "We'll see what Coach Gundy feels during the week. we'll try and work them both in there.  I was excited to see Roy makes some plays while he was in there, but he still missed some assignments in there too."

And that's a wrap.  Not quite as boring as usual, but still the media doens't push him on anything.  I get that they don't want to get blackballed or whatever, but show a set for once in your lives.  Push him on why he can't get his teams up for a game every week?  You all watched, you know that Tech game wasn't just a case of a team playing down to their competition which I think his teams have been notorious for doing in years past.  That was a team that wasn't even remotely prepared to play and in my mind those are two very different things.

But alas, once again a majority of the questions Sooner Nation want asked are not.  And I say asked because we know we aren't getting a straight answer, but at least they would have been asked.  I'm just sayin'.