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A little insight into the Austin Haywood transfer

The folks over at The Oklahoman were able to speak with Austin Haywood's father, Paul Haywood, about his son's decision to leave the University of Oklahoma.

"He was playing as a sophomore," Paul Haywood said. "He was rotating in a lot.  I was kinda upset about it (Austin's decision to transfer), but I said, ‘Go somewhere where you're happy."

His father went on to say that he believes Kevin Wilson's departure to become the head coach at Indiana played a significant role in his son's unhappiness at OU. 

"Coach Wilson was bringing the best out in him," Paul Haywood said. "And Austin was kind of getting used to him, and then coach Wilson went to Indiana."

He also went on to say that at this point his son did not know where he was going to transfer.

Even with this story, there are still several unanswered questions surrounding Haywood's decision.  It's incredibly disappointing that despite his playing time, Austin was evidently still unhappy enough to make the decision to leave.  However, at the end of the day (not to get all philosophical on you) life is too short to continue doing something or being somewhere you're not happy.  So best of luck to Austin in his future endeavors.