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Sooner Nation Replay: What Went Wrong As The A-Bomb Shook Sooner Country

Apparently there were some technical difficulties yet again from our platform host. If you missed out on a few snippets here or there or happened to get the wrong podcast going, here is your shot at a second go. Laugh, cry, be's all in there.

There have been several problems that have pervaded this Sooner team starting with the Red Zone offense. Nothing changed coming in to Saturday evening after a rain delay against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Tech came in well prepared to attack the weakness of this defense and did so to perfection time and time again gashing the defense for large gains. If something could have went wrong, it did so in full effect. However, were there a few bright spots? The defense had little to no chance of catching their breath with all the 3-and-outs, yet it ended up being decided by 2 missed FG's on OU's part and getting stuffed on 4th and goal for the Red Raiders. We give what we saw defensively and offensively (along with a few rants) while tearing up the play callers. To cap it all off, is Oklahoma out of the BCS hunt with this loss and what are the expectations for the remainder of the season?