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Jamell Fleming out indefinitely with knee injury

The rumors of a possible injury to stud OU corner Jamell Fleming started to swirl earlier this morning and unfortunately they seem to have been proven true.  It's being reported in multiple places that Fleming has suffered some sort of injury to his knee (believed to be a meniscus) and has undergone surgery to correct the problem.  As of now, there is no news (at least that I've seen or feel can be trusted) as to how long he might be out.  He obviously won't be playing Saturday night against Texas Tech, but looking ahead to a couple weeks down the line if he were to miss the A&M game?  Well, that could be bad for this defense considering all that A&M brings at WR but also because Fleming has been so big in coming up to stop the outside run game.

Obviously not the kind of news we like to break around here at CCM, so our sincere apologies for this Friday bummer.  I'm quite sure you'll all join me in wishing a VERY speedy recovery to Mr. Fleming.  Get well soon Jamell!  Very soon (please).

In the meantime, come on down Mr. Gabe Lynn!