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Poll Dancin' Week 6 - Despite winning, Sooners fall for second consecutive week

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So here we sit in Week 6 of the AP Poll and despite starting at #1, maintaining their undefeated record, and owning what at the time would still qualify as the best win in the country OU has fallen from that #1 ranking to #3.  So how exactly did we get here?  Let's take a look.

In week four of the poll, OU was coming off their win in Tallahassee and sat at #1 with 37 first place votes.  The following week, OU would win in less than convincing fashion against Missouri and lose their top spot (going from 37 first place votes to just 12) to an LSU team having just beaten WVU on the road.  Now this week, OU blows out Ball State only to see an Alabama team go on the road and beat an overrate Florida squad to jump them for the #2 spot.  When you take into account the irrelevancy of the AP Poll in the BCS rankings and the fact we're still in Week 5/6 this really doesn't mean anything, but it doesn't hide the fact that it sure looks like the media is searching for any reason to drop OU.  It's not like LSU hasn't struggled at times this year, but of course they get the benefit of the doubt because they play in the SEC.  How foolish of me to question the balance of power!

Despite dropping to #3 overall, there were still seven voters who chose to place OU #1 on their ballots.  Obviously they were ranked as high as #1 and no lower than #4, with an expectedly most common ranking of #3 (32 times).

* As we mentioned, Alabama moved up to #2 even after only picking up seven more first place votes.  But at least according to the media, they are very clearly considered the second best team in the country right now.  Like OU, they were ranked no lower than #4 on any ballot.

* No team benefitted more from their win coupled with the loss of just about everyone ahead of them (though Texas was a close second, but we'll get to them) than Arkansas.  Clearly being given the benefit of the doubt (an SEC team?!?) for the win rather than another epic meltdown by the poor Aggies.  Arkansas moved up from #18 all the way into the Top 10.  They received votes as high as #9 and as low as #18.

* Auburn made a substantial move back into the Top 25, actually at #15 to be exact, after their win against South Carolina.  Pretty friendly of the media when you consider all their early season struggles.  The voters seem to be somewhat undecided on them as they drew votes as high as #10 (really?) and as low as unranked with a most common ranking of 16/17 (seven times)

* Baylor fell ten spots was able to cling to their Top 25 ranking after losing on the road in Manhattan checking in at #25.  They drew votes as high as #14 (sorry, but no) and as low as unranked, which was actually their most common ranking (17 times).

* Defying odds and their own history of failure to live up to expectations, Clemson goes on the road to get a big win over Va Tech.  They moved up five spots to #8 in the final poll and got votes as high as #3 (Jon Wilner) and as low as #11.

* OU's key win so far, FSU was off this week but was able to stay in the Top 25 checking in at #23.  Surprisingly, they are still drawing votes in the Top 15 (as high as #11), but finished with a most common ranking of unranked (26 times).

* Kansas State enters the rankings for the first time (this decade?) this year at #20 after a big win at home over Baylor.  Actually receiving votes as high as #13 (seriously?) and as low as unranked (but only by five voters) with a most common ranking of 19/23 (eight times).

* Somewhat surprisingly (at least IMO) Nebraska only dropped six spots to #14 in the final poll this week even after looking outclassed against Wisconsin.  They drew votes as high as #11 and as low as #24 with a most common ranking of #18 (nine times).

* Oklahoma State fell victim, somewhat, to the bye week getting jumped in the Top 5 with Wisconsin beating a then Top 10 Nebraska team.  However, they only fell one spot to #6 so no real injustice or anything.  OSU drew votes as high as #4 and as low as #9.

* In what can only be described as an epic meltdown, the Aggies of A&M have gone from a Top 8 team two weeks ago to a team very lucky to still be in the Top 25.  They check in this week at #24 after another dismal second half choke job.  After the loss, they received votes as high as #14 (which is a joke) and as low/most common more appropriate ranking of unranked (22 times).

* Coming off a nice win at home, Wisconsin was able to jump into the Top 5 checking in at #4.  They drew votes as high as #3 and as low as #8.  However, unless someone in front of them loses this is very likely as high as they'll get all year.  Their schedule up to this point has been suspect (and that's including Nebraska) and as it stands today doesn't really get any better with only one currently ranked team (Illinois) on the schedule.

* Finally our friends down in Austin.  I mentioned it earlier, but outside of Arkansas no team benefitted more from all the losses in front of them this week.  I mean at least Arkie beat what was a Top 15 team in A&M, all Texas did was beat an Iowa State team that now looks to have been just an overachiever.  So with losses from S.Carolina, Va Tech, UF, A&M, Baylor, and USF the Horns are convenientaly able to move up six spots to #11.  They received votes as high as #8, okay I'm sorry but we have to address that.  

Rob Long of some Baltimore radio station is the guilty party and apparently believes that Texas' four "quality" wins earns the a place ahead of teams like Oregon, Clemson, and Arkansas on his ballot.  These are the kind of idiots that are allowed to award their own national championship.  Okay, back on track.  So aside from that moron, the Horns also got votes as low as #22 with a most common ranking of #10 (16 times) which is actually a spot above of where they finished.