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As expected, OU falls to #3 in AP despite retaining #1 ranking in Coaches Poll

Well, the AP voters are nothing if not predictable.  Just unable to resist the temptation of putting two (by god) SEC teams in the top two spots, they predictably jump Alabama over OU after doing the same last week with LSU.  So now, despite winning all four of their games and owning the best win on the young season the Sooners have now fallen in consecutive weeks.  Much like last week, expect the spin/promotion machine known as ESPiN to fully endorse the AP Poll as the only in existence.  Despite that fact however, OU was able to maintain their #1 ranking in the poll that actually matters (at least in terms of BCS rankings, you know how they actually rank teams nowadays) but don't expect to hear about that.  Anyway, here are the Top 10 of each respective polls:

AP Poll (in order) - LSU, Bama, OU, Wisconsin, Boise, Okie State, Stanford, Clemson, Oregon, and Arkansas (Texas #11, um barf)

Coaches Poll (in order) - OU, Bama, LSU, Stanford, Wisconsin, Boise, Okie State, Clemson, Oregon, and Texas (a Top 10 team, I blank you not)

After Nebraska's underwhelming performance Saturday night, Texas easily takes over the crown of the by far and away most over ranked team in the country.

The other ranked Big 12 teams were; KSU (#20 in AP, #21 in Coaches), Texas A&M (#24 in AP, and #25 in coaches), and Baylor (#25 in AP).