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ESPiN Gameday will be coming to Dallas yet again

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The traveling moron show will be heading to Dallas yet again for another Red River Shootout.  It's a somewhat surprising decision given the opportunity they had to do a third LSU game when they host Florida, so I'm sure they'll catch hell from their SEC sugar daddies.  Though I guess not all that surprising considering ESPiN and Texas are now business partners.  Be that as it may, they will once again set up shop amid all the craziness of the Texas State Fair and RRSO fans.  So expect plenty of talk about how "Texas is back", lots of free promotion for the Longhorn Network, and plenty of stupid and played out stories about all the fried food.  Basically three plus hours for them to talk about the "other" participant in this game (our Sooners) for probably a collective ten minutes (and that's being generous).

Enjoy Sooner fans, they're comin', to your citaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!