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Big 12 Quoteboard - BlogPoll Rankings, Team Improvement And Rivalries

Big 12 Hoops still has OSU ahead of OU and to be honest I really can't think of an argument against it other than the fact that I'm an OU homer. 

1. Oklahoma State: Expect to see these two OK teams in the same spot in the rankings until they play one another.

2. Oklahoma: Expect to see these OK two teams in the same spot in the rankings until they play one another.

3. Kansas State: Coach Snyder is making magic with the Wildcats but they wont move up unless they are the only undefeated team left in the Big-12.

Obviously the Oklahoma State Cowboys are enjoying their current BCS ranking but they're also looking for ways the team can improve. 

By now, I'm sure everyone is pulling their hair out due to some of the defensive "issues." No issue is more criticized right now than OSU's inability to stop the run at certain times. The problem here is what we knew it would be before the season even started. The linebackers are young and/or inexperienced. I thought by this time that a healthy Tyler Johnson would solve some of these problems. Unfortunately, he was sidelined with a knee injury for the majority of the games placed thus far and therefore has not had the game reps needed to become a difference maker just yet. - Cowboys Ride For Free    

Need more evidence that everyone does in fact hate Texas A&M?

"An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do."

This is the Texas A&M University Honor Code.  According to the University's compliance office, "The Aggie Code of Honor affirms values that apply to students, faculty and staff alike. This simple statement exemplifies two of our core values-excellence and integrity-and underscores our commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with laws and official policies. These core values forge a strong base to embrace our other core values of leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service."

Unless, of course, you're talking about how they deal with other Universities that they were supposed to be partners with. - Wide Right And Natty Lite

After playing tough against the Sooners the Kansas Jayhawks are now getting ready for their in-state rivals. 

It's the SUNFLOWER SHOWDOWN!!  That doesn't sound dangerous, scary or like anything remotely rivalry like does it?  I mean BORDER WAR!  That say something.  I think with the impending departure of Missouri to the SEC and the likely discontinuation of the Border War that perhaps we should think of a more doomsday like name for this one.

The good news is that we still have the overall series.  The bad news is that Kansas State has been on the winning end more often than not since Bill Snyder decided to become the Joe Paterno of the Midwest.  This one is a better matchup for Kansas than the past couple weeks, but that isn't saying a whole lot considering the Jayhawks have played the #3 and #4 teams in the BCS standings these past two weeks.

Last year this one ended 59-7.  Turner Gill CANNOT have a repeat performance of that and he needs this one to be fairly competitive.  Emphasis on NEEDS.  The fact is, this might be one of the more important games of the Turner Gill era to date. - Rock Chalk Talk

For the Sooner fans out there dissatisfied in Oklahoma's Red Zone production let me just mention that things could be a lot worse. Right, Texas?

Don't look now, but the 2011 Texas Longhorns are experiencing some struggles remarkably reminiscent of the hapless 2010 squad. After finishing 115th in the country in scoring touchdowns in the red zone last season, the Harsinwhite offense is looking just as impotent in putting the ball in the end zone when entering the opponent's final fifth of the field. - Burnt Orange Nation

At 6-0 the Sooners are halfway through their 2011 football season which means that its time to give our some mid-season awards. 

With an offense currently ranked #4 overall in the country, putting up 173 rush yards and 373 pass yards (on average) per game respectively, it won't be easy to narrow this down to just one player.  But that's why we get paid the big bucks, so despite the difficulty we'll take on the task.

Everyone has their own definition of what MVP means to them, we all know this, so we won't waste your time trying to convince anyone that one is better than the other.  Under the conventional sense, I think most would approach "most valuable" as what would your team look like without 'Player X.'  Makes sense and certainly a valid argument.  Based on this approach, the obvious pick would have to be Landry Jones.  Sooner Nation doesn't even want to try and picture this team, more specifically this offense, trying to run at their high octane level without the mustachioed one at the helm (and why would they!).  There is almost just as compelling argument to be made for the now NCAA receptions leader in the great one, Ryan Broyles.  He draws so much attention, creating opportunities not just for his fellow WRs but also for the offense as a whole. 

Kenny Stills seems to make at least a couple "big" plays in every game.  The bigger the moment, the bigger he comes up in that moment.  Dominique Whaley has come out of nowhere to lock down the starting RB job and proven to be more than capable in the role.  Finally, there is Gabe Ikard who has filled in for an injured Ben Habern better than I think anyone could have expected.  He was playing at a very high level at left guard before shiting over to center and despite never having played the position, has continued his stellar play.

And the winner for Offensive MVP is . . . - Crimson And Cream Machine

The major success story in the Big 12 this season is the Kansas State Wildcats. Every week they prove doubters wrong by just going out and finding a way to win. Kinda makes you wonder where the Wildcats are ranking the Wildcats in the BlogPoll doesn't it?

The billing for the week that was centered on the exposure of a handful of supposed contenders, who turned out instead, in a variety of variously ugly losses, to be pretenders.

What has surprised national observers is that K-State was not among them.

Now they're waiting to see if we stub our toe against you-know-who this week before they decide whether to fully embrace this team with a week-long hype-train of unprecedented (for the last decade, anyway) proportions. - Bring On The Cats