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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Texas Tech

It's that time of the week, we'll see if Bob has any answers to the media's questions this week.

* Bob is happy with how the team played at KU (really?).  Not happy about losing the turnover battle.  Moved the ball well most of the day.  Players who stood out:  Broyles, Stephenson, Lane Johnson, Ikard, and Shead on offense.  T-Lew and Nelson on defense.  Also mentioned Hunnicutt being perfect on the night (he better be from those distances).

* Mentions that Texas Tech has had more offensive snaps than any other team in the country (Wow, is that true?  Did not know that).  Tries to be complimentary of their defense, but we all see through that Bob.

* Asked why the team struggled in the red zone.  "A couple times it was blocking assignments.  One series it was pretty obvious.  On one play we hit Dominique Whaley in the chest and he drops it, we overthrow Ryan who is open in the end zone, and on the third play our fullback is coming up and he gets tripped up.  At the end of the day, we're not going to be perfect every time.  I mean we were 7 for 7 at the end of the day."

* Asked about the o-line and gives them plenty of praise for how well they've played all year.  Says it was good to see a kid like Adam Shead come on and play well.

* Asked how far Habern is from being back.  "Oh, probably a couple weeks."  Goes on to say he forgot to ask him last week to be able to give the media an update.  Bob makes a funny.

* Asked if the defense they have this year is more versatile than in years past.  "Yeah it is.  We have a lot of guys who can do a lot of different things.  We can get in and out of that four man or 50-front pretty easily.  We have the personnel to do it.  We can play four DEs, but those guys in there, they have size to them too.  It is one of the more versatile ones we've had."

* Asked about kick coverage and whether he was happy with how they covered against KU.  "Well sure.  And here's the thing, we kick off a lot more than most people.  Not all, but probably most.  So it's a big part of the game to be sure.  But it's something we have to keep working on and we are."

* Asked to assess the team at the half way point.  "I think we're a good team, still a relatively young team.  A team with a lot of upside that we've got to keep pushing for.  I have a good feeling that the players are pushing towards that. Overall, we just need to keep improving and hopefully it will."

* Asked what the injury situation is right now (here come the lies!  Just kidding Bob).  "You know, we'll see.  I believe most all of those guys will play this week.  Right now there isn't anybody that's out for sure yet."  Talked about Good getting hurt in practice and said they thought it was something they thought would clear up in time for him to play but it just didn't happen like that.

* Asked if Tech has changed at all now that Tubberville has been there a little while.  "There are a lot of similarities.  There is a lot of the same offense that is there.  A lot of the same route combinations and formations.  They can really hurt you running the football."

* Asked if they slow down their tempo in the red zone.  The question is from Berry Tramel and he says it came from an email a reader sent him saying they need to speed things up like they do other times and that will fix their issues. "Nah, there are still plenty of times where we hurry up."

* Asked about whether the talk of Missouri leaving bothers him after they just added a team and tried to re-establish the stability of the league.  "I'm not big on talking about other teams.  If you want to talk to me about Texas Tech or us okay, but I'm not going to talk about Missouri."

* Talking about Roy Finch.  "We need to keep working him in there.  Hopefully going forward, that will continue to happen."

* Asked if he's ever had an awkward moment in a post game handshake.  "I don't think so."  Then he's asked about Bill Callanan.  "Yeah, how'd that go?  I don't remember."  The "hillbillies" comment comes up and Stoops says he didn't know he said it, if he had he probably wouldn't have shook his hand.  

That's about it for today.  He did some reminiscing about stuff back in the days, but nothing really all that relevant or interesting.