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OU Football Film Study - Kansas (2nd half)

LAWRENCE, KS - OCTOBER 15:   The Oklahoma Sooners line up against the Kansas Jayhawks during the game on October 15, 2011 at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
LAWRENCE, KS - OCTOBER 15: The Oklahoma Sooners line up against the Kansas Jayhawks during the game on October 15, 2011 at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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Well, we know nothing changes from an offense-in-the-red-zone perspective so I'll be watching more on the defensive side of the ball.  To see if they did anything different from a scheme stand point since they played like a completely different defense in this second half.  

KU gets the ball to start, so let's get this thing rolling.

* As usual, at least on this first snap, zero halftime adjustment from the coaches with respect to the defensive formation.  Still in the three man front.  What I didn't notice at the time, but know now is that Bird is in for Wort to start this half.

* 13:42 3rd Qtr, 3rd and 3 KU.  On third down, they go back to a tradition four man front but it's the four DE front.  There is a hole, but Javon Harris fills it like a freaking Mack truck and drills the ball carrier.  The ball comes flying out, but KU is able to corral it before an OU player can fall on it.  Good first series on the defense to start the half.

* First offensive play for OU and Landry double clutches then throws it right into the hands of a KU defender.  Fortunately, he drops it but that was definitely a glimpse of Bad Landry.  He predetermined where he was going, saw that it was covered causing him to double clutch his throw, then threw it anyway.  Bad Landry!

* 8:56 3rd Qtr, 3rd and 2 OU.  This is the Broyles fumble into the end zone play.  So inside the stadium, obviously we don't have the benefit of replay after replay like those watching at home.  Therefore, I really have no clue what was said about this until watching it now.  I may be wrong, but the rule still exists that the ground can't cause a fumble no? If so, then I am at a complete loss as to how they overturned that play.  Nothing they show proves that the ball is coming out before his hand hits the ground.  I guess, big picture, it doesn't really matter but given that he was ruled down on the field I don't see how the replay "definitively" shows something to overturn that call.

* How about another red zone failure?  This time about five minutes to go in the third, first and 10 from the eight.  On first down, they get a good five yard gain from Whaley.  Second down is a bubble screen that gets a couple.  Then third down, they actually try to get creative and go with that Ninja/Oopty-oop formation.  But KU has done their homework and Stills gets virtually nothing, got no help from Whaley who was out as a blocker and did a great job against the air but a not so great job against the defender.  30-17 OU.

* 1:35 3rd Qtr, 2nd and 6 OU.  After getting drilled on a first down run, Roy Finch returns the favor here on second down.  Stretch play to the right and he's got the first down pretty easily, but he's not happy with just that so he lowers his shoulder and just freaking plants a KU safety.  Runs him right over.  Unfortunately though, after delivering the blow he is slow to get up.  Actually watching the replay, I don't think it was from the hit he delivered.  It looked like when he eventually got tackled, he fell on his back and slammed his head on the ground.

* 0:31 3rd Qtr, 2nd and goal.  For as sucky as these announcers were all night, I have to give credit where credit is due.  On this play Brock Huard correctly points out that KU has nine guys in the box, leaving the OU WRs in single coverage on the outside.  Strangely, while the announcers notice this evidently Josh Heupel does not.  The offense even does that stupid look to the sideline thing and what's the call with nine guys in the box?  A run right up the middle of course.  

* Start of the fourth, now third and goal.  OU goes back to the RB swing pass well one too many times and KU stops it.  Our fourth failed red zone attempt of the night.  Awesome.  33-17 OU.

* 13:02 4th Qtr, 1st and 10 OU.  Okay, here is my issue with our coaches in situations like this.  OU is up, technically, two scores but KU has yet to get a first down in the second half.  So clearly you're well in control of this game.  Finch is probably unavailable after getting dinged up a drive or two ago, so it's Whaley and Brandon Williams at RB and that's it.  So who do they throw out there in what amounts to essentially a meaningless drive?  Of course it's Whaley. Why on earth wouldn't you use this spot to get Williams some meaningful carries?  If, god forbid, Whaley were to get hurt you're looking at a true freshman with basically zero experience as your primary ball carrier.  Not getting him playing time/experience in a game like this or a series like this is pure stupidity IMO.  Again, that is no slight whatsoever to Whaley.  Obviously he's been outstanding.  But he's a walk-on playing his first full season at this level, why subject him to these additional hits/carries when there is no real need to do so?  Are there really no concerns that he could get worn down towards the end of the year?  I mean, really?  Save him when you have a chance right?

* Broyles 2nd TD catch is almost as pretty as his first.  Just a perfect throw from Landry, hits him right in stride, leading him into an easy path to the end zone.  40-17 OU.

* 7:54 4th Qtr, 2nd and 8 OU.  A designed rollout for Landry, to his left for some reason, so now he has to throw across his body to Millard his is out in the flat.  Landry throws behind him and the KU LB makes a pretty nice diving effort to pick him off.  Honestly, even if Landry leads him I'm not sure it's a completion so seeing that he probably should have just thrown it away.  But instead he tries to force it and adds to his INT count on the year.

* 6:51 4th Qtr, OU still up 23.  With the exception of Broyles and Stills every single starter is still in.  Just stupid.  And this play is exactly what I was talking about with Whaley earlier.  He makes a good run, but at the end he takes a hard shot and those accumulate as the year goes on (duh).  Is there some legitimate reason that isn't Brandon Williams taking that hit?

* 5:38 4th Qtr, down and distance doesn't matter.  Whaley takes another big hit on a run right up the middle (shocker!).  And yes, I'm just trying to drive my point home.

* 3:57 4th Qtr, Whaley scores on a stretch play on which the KU defense clearly is ready do be done with this game.  47-17 OU.

* Random Note - I'm not just now noticing it in this game/broadcast, but I'm pretty sure ESPiN had their main camera set up on the freaking moon.  Seriously, could they get a higher shot?

* 3:49 4th Qtr, I didn't give Nelson enough credit Sunday night on our podcast for the game he had.  Having a chance to rewatch the entire game, he played incredibly well.  Here he makes a strong move against the right tackle, just over powers him, and chases Webb down from the backside for his first of two sacks.  

* 3:14 4th Qtr, KU just got their first and only first down of this half.

* 1:45 4th Qtr, obviously at this point the game is meaningless so maybe I'm giving him more credit than the deserves.  But on this 3rd and 24 for KU, R.J. Washington just showed why he was a five star coming out of high school.  His first step on this play is absolutely sick, the left tackle has no chance at all.  All R.J. has to do is dip his shoulder ever so slightly to leverage his way past him and it's hello Mr. QB.  I'm really happy for him that the light finally came on this year and we're finally getting to see the player we all thought we had when he signed.

* 0:49 4th Qtr, Bob finally puts in the back-ups for some "quality" snaps.  But at least Brandon Williams held onto the ball during his two carries!  Seriously though, on that first run he had.  Wow.  The potential is there, no doubt about it. Wish they would have given him more of a chance in this game.

Game over.  At least it looks like Bob knows how to conduct a post-game handshake.  

And so goes another edition of Film Study.  Thanks for hanging out!