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OU injury updates following Kansas game



This is why we can never trust anything we hear from our coaches.  Stoops says after the game that everybody is fine, no serious injuries.  Maybe you give him the benefit of the doubt that he hasn't been told or doesn't know yet, but has he really earned that with respect to telling us the truth about injuries?  I say no.

I haven't seen anything on Nelson in terms of whether or not he'll be able to play with the apparent torn ligaments. Wort had already been dealing with a back injury, so now what sounds like a possible concussion certainly can't help things.  On a side note, WTF is up with all the concussions we've had this year?

As always, if anything else comes out on this we'll try and get it up ASAP.  But I'd expect we don't hear much else until Stoops meets with the media tomorrow during the Big 12 conference call or after practice.