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Ryan Broyles & Tony Jefferson Making A Push For All-American Status

After a short hiatus due to technical difficulties, O^3 is back. Issue have been resolved and my Sooners Sports Fix is back. Yes I have a few other sites I visit regularly for news, but none as much as CCM.

We are halfway through the season. Players have definitely lived up to expectations while others have all but dropped off the face of the planet (looking at you Garrett Gilbert). Still others have exceeded what they were thought of being capable of in this stage of their progression. This has opened the door for some surprises to sneak in and grab a midseason AA spot.

The biggest surprise has to be at the QB position. Names like Landry Jones, Brandon Weeden, and Andrew Luck were considered the front runners. While these players have had great seasons up to this point, Russell Wilson takes the cake. He has 13 TD passes to only one interception while leading the FBS in passer efficiency with a 216.9 rating. Are there other surprises lurking?

It comes as no surprise that the Big XII conference has the wide receiver spots on lock down with players like Ryan Broyles, Justin Blackmon, and Jeff Fuller playing in the Midwest. Each and every year the Big XII puts up big numbers with receivers but Ryan has already gained consensus AA status, he knows what it takes and he never ceases to amaze fans. Broyles is on the verge of breaking an NCAA record for career receptions (4 catches shy) and will eclipse the mark easily before the end of the season. Around the nation, Broyles is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, receivers in the game. He has sure hands that catch anything coming his way while becoming a human highlight reel. Broyles has 47 catches for 598 yards and 7 touchdowns while collecting 100+ yards in the past 15 of his 20 games. With stats like this, Broyles is a shoo in for All-American.

With some players slipping the window has opened for an Oklahoma safety to relish in the national spotlight. Tony Jefferson has been highly regarded solely based on his talent. We know that he still has some learning to do, but this kid has been nothing less of incredible as a sophomore. It is no secret that Jefferson possess talent, but the question was how quickly the coaching staff could harness it. In the past two games, TJ has grabbed four picks and is fourth on the team in tackling with 28 total. Those 28 tackles include four tackles for loss and two sacks. TJ has definitely come a long way, but he has yet to peak. If he does not garner All-American status this season, he will most likely obtain it before he plays on Sundays.