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Oklahoma Running Back Dominique Whaley Featured In This Week's Sports Illustrated

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He didn't make the cover but Sports Illustrated has done a nice piece on running back Dominique Whaley and his plight from walk-on to star running back. Here are a few quotes from the article. 

Last summer, Whaley was working across the street From OU's practice facility at the local Subway. Torre notes that Whaley "would often wake up in his on-campus dorm, go to class, head to the field, practice for three hours, put on his work-issued polo and khakis, cross the street and man the Subway counter until dusk."

"What he does shouldn't be possible,"center Gabe Ikard says. "Literally for any normal person, it's too much. If you think about it: We're already working out in the morning, then going to class, meetings, practice, doing homework-and he's watching extra film, every day? And he has all that other stuff? And he paid his way here?"

The name of the article is Walk-On Home Run. This week's Sports Illustrated hits newsstands today.