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Freeze Frame - "Dom Whaley takes it to the house" Edition

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He had some doubters heading into the Red River Shootout, at least with respect to his speed, but I doubt he has many after this impressive run.  It was clearly the best (only?) successful run OU had and the longest run Whaley has had all season.  It was a perfect play call, at just the right time, and executed as well as Heupel could have possibly hoped for.  


So, here is the formation pre-snap.  Pistol formation with a three wide set and Haywood in at TE to the right/strong side of the play.


Here it is from another angle so you can see just how well the play develops.


At the snap, you can see that it's the stretch play Heupel has quickly fallen in love with.  


RT Lane Johnson looks like he is about to get beat, but Whaley acutally helps him out by bouncing it outside.  This allows Johnson to take advantage of the UT defender beating him to the inside and thus sealing him off once Whaley bounces it.  


And Whaley bounces it like so.


Here, from the original angle, you can see the crease Whaley is about to explode through.  You can also the Haywood destroying his man clearing the path.  You can also see the approximately four Horns Whaley is about to leave choking on his after burners.




Had to switch back to the other angle so you could appreciate Broyles down field blocking on Quandre Diggs.  The guy does everything.


Again, here you can still Broyles still blocking (or at least slowing down at this point) Diggs who would be the only defender with a prayer to either catch or stop Whaley at this point.


Gideon enters the picture now, helplessly chasing the play down from behind (can't he just change his name to that now at this point?).  But what I really want you to pay attention to is where everyone in this picture currently is in terms of the field.  Whaley, Gideon, and Diggs are essentially even at the 30-yard line.


Just a few, long, strides later and he's now four yards ahead of both Diggs and Gideon (who is about to come to terms with reality and quit on the play).


End zone here we come baby!  Look at that quitter Gideon with his head down already.