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Poll Dancin' - Week 7

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Not a lot changed this week in the AP Poll for our Sooners.  Despite beating #11 Texas, they were unable to move up from their #3 ranking from the previous week.  There is more than a little hypocrisy in the fact that the same AP voters who chose to not give OU much (if any) credit for their destruction of the overrated Longhorns, but they are the ones who overrated them in the first place.  But whatever.  As long as we keep winning, the rankings will take care of themselves so no real point in getting all worked up about it just half way into the season.

While the same four teams continue to spilt the first place votes, LSU continues to draw a majority of them (40). Alabama at #2 overall drew 10 first place votes, OU at #3 overall drew eight, and Boise still with one.  The Sooners received votes as high as #1 and as low as #4 (four votes).  I wanted to take a quick look at the four ballot who had OU at #4 because they each have what I would call a surprising/undeserving team ahead of the Sooners in my opinion.

The first ballot belongs to Chadd Cripe and he has LSU #1, Bama #2, and then Clemson at #3.  The second ballot is Eric Hansen's and he has Bama #1, LSU #2, and Stanford #3.  The third is Jon Wilner and he has LSU #1, Bama #2, and also has Clemson #3.  Finally we have Scott Wolf who somehow still has Boise #1, LSU #2, and Bama #3.  So as you can see they all have a questionable pick thus putting OU at #4 on their respective ballots.  Clemson has played incredibly well, but benefited greatly from OU knocking out Manuel the week before.  Stanford's schedule thus far has been a complete joke (even worse that Boise!) and this is clearly just a product of Luck.  As for Boise, I mean seriously bro? There just isn't an argument to be made for them at #1, not a legit one anyway.

There wasn't a single change in the entire Top 10 from the week before, so this will probably be pretty quick.

* Baylor had a bounce back win at home after a tough loss against KSU the week before and they check in at #20 in the final poll this week.  They drew votes as high as #15 and as low as unranked (five votes) with a most common ranking of #21 (11 times).

* Kevin Sumlin and Houston made their first appearance in the Top 25 this week, at #25.  They received votes as high as #15 and as low as unranked.  Have to take a look at that #15 vote from Jeremy Sampson though.  Seems pretty high IMO.  He has them ahead of teams like Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas State, and South Carolina.

* Kansas State just continues to get it done this week against Missouri.  With the win, they moved up three spots to #17 and received votes as high as #11 (Andy Staples) and as low as #24 (Scott Wolf non-believer).

* Coming off their scrimmage against Kansas, Okie State held onto their #6 overall ranking after drawing votes as high as #4 and as low as #8 with a most common ranking of #7 (22 times)

* Texas A&M had a less then convincing win on the road against Texas Tech and was rewarded by moving up three spots to #21.  They received votes as high as #12 (really Ray Fittipaldo?) and as low as unranked, which was actually their most common ranking (15 times).

* Finally the victims of our brutal beatdown, your Texas Longhorns.  As I said last week, they were easily the most overrated team when they were at #11 and after their embarrassing loss they fall all the way to #22.  Quite frankly, they're probably lucky to still be in the Top 25 at all after that performance.  Even after Saturday, they got votes as high as #16 (from Desmond Conner who was clearly not in front of his t.v. at 11am last Saturday) with a low and most common ranking of unranked.