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Confirmed: Dom Whaley To Start Against Ball State

A quick update on Oklahoma's Running Back situation. In the preseason, Oklahoma undoubtedly had a plethora of talent in the backfield. So much so that no one knew exaclty how the situation was going to shake down. Now that two backs have transferred and Finch has yet to be used, the problem still remains. However, the first three games saw Brennan Clay step onto the field for the first offense snap. While the notion was that Clay and Dominique Whaley would continue to share the co-starter role, something must have changed in the minds of the coaches. We as fans have seen that Whaley is hands down the best running back Oklahoma has to offer. Clay seemed to go down just a tad too easily but still he and Whaley got a near even split in the carries. Word today is that Dom Whaley will step onto the field as the starter, but the question still remains...will Whaley get the lion's share of the carries? Hard work and diligence will surely pay off.