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CFB Saturday Game Thread

So is anybody else annoyed that the t.v. douches in charge keep scheduling all the good games at the same time (and at night)?  They couldn't spread these things out to give us something to watch during the afternoon?  C'mon people, let's plan things a little better!  Just another Saturday where we have to wait all day to watch our Sooners.  The least they could do is give us something quality to help us pass the time.  

Talk about a ringing endorsement for you to hang out with us this afternoon, huh?  So anyway, here are the Big 12/national games of interest you can be bored with today and come here to discuss!  At least until tonight anyway.

Texas Tech @ Kansas  11:00

Texas A&M @ Arkansas  11:00 ESPiN

Baylor @ Kansas State  2:30 ABC/ESPiN

Texas @ Iowa State  6:00 FX

Auburn @ South Carolina  2:30 CBS

Alabama @ Florida  7:00 CBS

Nebraska @ Wisconsin  7:00 ABC