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OU basketball gets routed in Big 12 conference opener

As bad as we all thought it was and/or could be, after yesterday's atrocious performance I fear it is going to be even worse.  Judging by this quote from OU's lone senior Cade Davis, I'm not the only one.

This is a taste for the young guys of how tough the Big 12 is, said OU senior guard Davis. Hopefully they know now what to expect and we'll get better from here... But it's not going to get any easier, going to Baylor and texass.

The initial projection of 3 to 4 conference wins for this OU squad looks to be embarrassingly optimistic.  Up until yesterday, effort wasn't something most OU fans were questioning with this team and sadly the one positive Sooner Nation could hang their hat on.  Well this OU fan is sincerely hoping that yesterday was the exception rather than the norm, because the effort yesterday against A&M was severely lacking.  

We're all well aware of the limitations this team has and I suppose one could argue that those same limitations can affect you on defense as they do on offense.  But I'm more of the belief that defense limitations can be significantly negated just by effort and "want-to."  So the fact that OU continually allowed A&M uncontested lanes to the basket was more than a little disappointing.  This is an OU team that needs to pride themselves on their defense, mainly because it's easily their best chance to win games.  Instead, on Saturday, they apparently decided their best chance at winning was a combo of easy buckets for A&M and constantly settling for jump shots on the other end.  Well, the final score of 51-69 is probably a decent indicator that there might be a flaw or two in that theory.  With all due respect to our A&M visitor yesterday in the game thread, I'm not quite sure where all this "young talent" is that you were referring to?  Fitz and Clark are the only guys who would even remotely qualify and one can't stay out of foul trouble and the other is a youngster who is expectantly up and down from game to game.  So thanks for the compliment, but I'm not sure OU fans are ready to buy that "young talent" statement quite yet.

Unfortunately, things could even worse this coming week as Davis eluded to with road trips to Baylor and texass.  It sickens me to think this program has reached the point where I'm just hoping they don't embarrass themselves in these two upcoming games, but as they have been known to say "It is what it is."