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OU recruiting coordinator, Bruce Kittle, to fill the open spot on OU coaching staff?

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Is this man the newest addition to the Bob Stoops coaching tree?
Is this man the newest addition to the Bob Stoops coaching tree?

To be very clear, at this point this is just a rumor as there has been no announcement from Coach Stoops or OU, but indications are that current OU recruiting coordinator, Bruce Kittle is the favorite to fill the current opening on the OU staff.  Now if you didn't read the NewsOK article about Kittle and how he wound up at OU, I strongly suggest you do so because it is an excellent article.  Given Stoops' history during his time in Norman and how he has handled his staff, I think this makes a lot of sense.  That said, for all the positives Kittle has and could continue to bring to the program, it doesn't change the fact that he has no college coaching experience.  And he definitely would not fill the much demandedneeded coaching hire of an individual with a special teams background who could possibly come in and help fix the mess OU special teams have become.  The belieft is that Kittle would take over coaching the TEs and FBs, previously Kevin Wilson's responsibility, which being a first time college coach would obviously be something he does not have experience with. 

Again at this point the Kittle promotion is just a rumor, but if this proves to be true will Sooner Nation be satisfied?  Or do you think OU needs find someone with more experience/a special teams background?  What say you Sooner fans?