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The 2011 Red River Recruiting Raid

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You know those Longhorn fans who get all worked up when a Texas high school football players goes north of the Red River to play football for the Sooners? That massive inferiority complex they carry around is about to get even larger when signing day rolls around next week.

Of the Top 100 Texas high school recruits (according to Rivals) Oklahoma has verbal commitments to sign 11 of them on Wednesday. Of those 11 two of them are among the top three players in the state. Of course the Longhorns are going to get the "lion's share" of recruits (21 of their 22 recruits are from Texas) from their own state but you might, or might not, be surprised to know that Texas kids aren't automatically inclined to move to Austin when they turn 18.

Oklahoma Commitments From Texas

Name Position Texas Top 100 Stars
Trey Metoyer WR #2 5
Brandon Williams RB #3 5
Marquis Anderson DT #18 4
Jordan Wade DT #20 4
Max Stevenson TE #27 4
Nathan Hughes DE #37 4
Kameel Jackson WR #41 4
Danzel Williams ATH #48 3
Cooper Washington DE #64 3
Franklin Shannon LB #73 3
P.L. Lindley  LB #89 3


It isn't just OU coming in and taking players either. Of the Top 10 recruits only four of them will be playing for the Longhorns. Two will be playing for the Sooners with Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and TCU each picking up one. In all there are 22 schools taking kids from the Texas Top 100. Six of those schools are in the state of Texas - Baylor, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech & TCU. The only school to recruit more Texas Top 100 than OU was the University of Texas. 

Where Did The Texas Top 100 Go?

School Texas Top 100
Texas 21
Oklahoma 11
Oklahoma St. 10
TCU 10
Texas Tech 10
Baylor 6
Texas A&M 6
Nebraska 4
Arkansas 2
Boise St. 2
Missouri 2
Utah 2
Arizona 1
Cal 1
Michigan 1
Northwestern 1
Notre Dame 1
Oregon 1
Stanford 1

* Brandon Alexander (#43) & Mike Moore are still uncommitted (#91).

A total of 45 players from the Texas Top 100 are leaving the state with two more possibilities in Brandon Alexander and Mike Moore. That's a lot of stress for the, "you guys wouldn't have a team without Texas players" people out there. The fact that Oklahoma has a large chunk of those kids coming to Norman makes it even worse!