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2011 Recruit Spotlight - Athlete Danzel Williams

I know a 14 second highlight won't really give you a true feel for Danzel Williams as a player, but it is a 14 second highlight of how hard the kid runs with the ball.  Williams is an interesting recruit for OU because he is in a similar situation to now former OU pledge Brandon Carter.  Williams played mostly RB in high school, but is reportedly being recruited to OU as a defensive back (now you get the B.C. comparison I bet).  However, there has been word lately that Williams has been told he'll have a chance to compete at RB as well.  Now this was done well before the Carter situation, so it's not just a case of the OU coaches telling this kid what he wants to hear to avoid losing another potential recruit.  Now if you ask this "expert", I'd have to think with all the talent OU currently has at the RB spot his chances of seeing the field would be much, much greater at another position.  But to his credit, he's obviously not afraid of some competition (and he'll get plenty at RB for OU).  So needless to say, his final position has "yet to be determined" and will be an interesting topic to follow to see where he eventually winds up.

I think the natural comparison for Williams is current OU RB Roy Finch, although I don't think Williams has quite the bulk that Finch did coming in which I think was a big reason why Finch eventually saw the field even after his early season injury.  Williams is a "shifty" back who will bounce, spin, ricochet off tacklers and runs with a very low pad level (helps being 5'8") which all makes him very tough to tackle.  He has excellent hands and will very much be a threat out of the backfield which will only help his chances if he stays at RB. All the traits above should also help him should he wind up on defense and we've seen OU and now 2nd year DB coach Willie Martinez do great things with an "under-sized" CB (see Demontre Hurst and Aaron Colvin circa 2010).

Williams is listed at 5'8" 190 and is a three star recruit and the #18 overall "athlete" per Rivals.  He turned down offers from Kansas State, Minnesota, Okie State, and TCU to commit to OU.