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2011 Recruit Spotlight - Defensive End Cooper Washington

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The easiest and most obvious comparison to OU class of 2011 DE Cooper Washington is former Sooner Auston English.  As you'll see in the video, it is a fitting description and most definitely a compliment.  Now Washington isn't a h.s. RB like English was, in fact he played QB for his team a majority of the season!  So it goes without saying the kid is an incredible athlete. 

As you'll see from the tape, he's got a quick first step and an "English-like" non-stop motor.  What you also might notice in the video is his tendency to hop up and out of his stance, which at the D-1 level will get you plowed over by a veteran big ugly.  Playing mainly QB his senior season, I'm sure he was too valuable to truly practice true DE techniques most of the season.  So he'll likely take some time to develop under DE Coach Wright, which would be very similar to the process English went through during his time at OU as well.

Washington is listed at 6'4" 225 with a 4.6 forty, so like a lot of the kids we've profiled he'll need to add a considerable amount of good weight before really being ready to contribute.  He is a three star recruit and the #16 overall DE in the country per Rivals.  Washington turned down offers from Baylor, Houston, Okie State and Texas Tech to commit to OU.