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Longhorn Network announces programming schedule

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Some interesting programming decisions here and they went in a couple directions I really didn't see coming.  I think the one minute format on a couple of their programs is a really progressive idea that whorn fans will be a big fan of!

Midnight Replay of the 2006 Rose Bowl

2:00 The Most Interesting Man in the World: Mack Brown

2:30 This is Oklahoma Football: The John Blake Era!

3:00Our Greatest American Heroes: Mario Edwards, defensive end, Denton Ryan High School

3:30 Mad Money: Have we mentioned how dang rich we are?

4:00Who Stole Vince Young’s Heisman? Live Interview with Lloyd Lake

4:30 Remember the Alamo: Panel discussion on remembering the Alamo

5:00 Walker, Texas Ranger: Chuck Norris wears Mack Brown pajamas

5:30Bevo: Our mascot will kick your mascot’s ass

6:00 Bored to Death: Lubbock

6:30Our Greatest American Heroes: Cayleb Jones, wide receiver, Austin High School

7:00Around the Longhorn: Panel of ESPN journalists discuss how Texas has the world’s greatest football program. The least enthusiastic gets fired

7:30Did you know Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley were roommates? (Hosted by Brent Musburger)

8:00 Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Live from College Station

8:30Football’s Greatest Minds: 5. Parcells 4. Belichick 3. Walsh 2. Lombardi 1. Mack Brown

9:00 Replay of the 2006 Rose Bowl

11:00 Fair and Balanced: ESPN Investigative Journalism

11:01Our Greatest American Heroes: Trey Williams, running back, Spring Dekaney High School

11:30Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Bob Stoops, Gary Patterson, T. Boone Pickens, Jack Mildren

NoonJersey Shore: Galveston: Sammi screams at Ronnie behind the oil refinery

12:30 The Complete Anthology of the last 20 Red River Shootouts (1991-92, 1994, 1997-1999, 2005-06, 2008-09 games only)

1:00This is Your Life Tom Osborne: 2006 Nebraska Governor’s Race

1:30Don’t Mess With Texas: Panel discussion on why you don’t mess with Texas

1:45 Leaders and Legends: You need an entire conference to have a network? How quaint

2:00 The Rick Barnes Show

2:01 The Mack Brown Show

4:00 Replay of the 2006 Rose Bowl

6:00Our Greatest American Heroes: Jonathan Gray, running back, Aledo High School

6:30 Unsolved Mysteries: Wait, we let Cam Newton get out of Texas?

6:45The Longhorn Network’s Sexiest Man Alive: Mack Brown

7:00Today in Texas Women’s Sports

7:01 Today in Texas Football Recruiting

8:00 Last Comic Standing: Aggie Jokes

8:30 Weather Center: Do you realize how dang cold it gets in Norman?

9:00 Our Greatest American Heroes: Thomas Johnson, wide receiver, Dallas Skyline High School

9:30Mad Men: I’m a Man! I’m 40! And other possibly mentally unstable people from Oklahoma

10:00 Mad Money II: Have we mentioned how much dang money this network is making us?

10:30 Can you believe the NCAA is going to allow us to show high school football games? Panel discussion on how great it is the NCAA is going to allow us to show high school football games.

11:00The UT Cheerleaders: Mississippi State ain’t got nothin’ on us

11:30 Replay of the 2006 Rose Bowl

I simply must give credit where credit is due, a heaping boat load full of kudos to you Mr. Dan Wetzel