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As expected, OU men's basketball falls to Longhorns in Austin 46-66

We feel about the same Jeff, we feel about the same.
We feel about the same Jeff, we feel about the same.

This is obviously a day late, but rest assured that you didn't want me attempting to type up any kind of a recap yesterday after the game.  I know we weren't expected to win yesterday, but I still came out of that game incredibly disappointed and upset.  I guess it's just the curse of being a die hard OU fan, I can't turn off the fact that I care too much.  Couple that with the fact that it was a loss, and an embarrassing one at that, to the university I hate more than any other and it did not make for a pleasant afternoon in the jte household.  I can only assume the rest of your were just as disgusted as myself, so we'll make this short and sweet.

  • I can't start with anything other that the despicable performance of the assigned Big 12 officials that called this game yesterday.  Let me be very clear, in no way shape of form were they reason OU lost this game.  So this definitely is not an OU fan crying that the refs cost us a game, okay.  That said, the zebras in yesterday's game were flat out corrupt.  Look, texass didn't need any help to beat OU but that sure as hell didn't stop the refs from giving it to them anyway.  Some of the calls they made against OU were beyond atrocious and you'd be absolutely right if you said it was OU vs. TX in the state of TX so what else would you expect?  Can't argue that.  texass owns this league (and the refs) and things are only going to get worse now that they are in bed with ESPiN.  Yippie, can't wait for Dallas next year!
  • As I just mentioned, OU shot nine free throws, texass shot 21.  If the whorns didn't suck so bad at the charity stripe, they only made 11, the score could have been even worse.  OU had three guys foul out and 21 total fouls called against, texass had nobody with more than three fouls (only one guy) and just 11 fouls called against.  Like I said, the refs had their burnt orange panties on yesterday.
  • OU was disgustingly bad from the field, specifically three point range.  OU shot under 40% from the field, only 55% from the line, and are you ready for this, 6% (1-15) from three point range.  Maybe, just maybe, once you've reached the 1-10 or 1-12 mark you might realize it's not your night from three range and stop shooting them?  Nah, why do that.
  • I'm not sure what the deal is with Cade Davis, but if he's just out there to defer to everyone else on offense then I'm not really sure what he's bringing to the team.  He hardly ever looks for his shot anymore and while I can appreciate the fact that he is a very streaky shooter, try taking it to the hoop instead maybe?  It's worked really well for you in the past and if nothing else you might get to the line.  In my opinion, it looked like he was just going through motions on Saturday and for our only senior in his last road game against our most hated rival, that is really, really disappointing.
  • The only thing working for OU yesterday, and the only chance (albeit a small one) they had to win the game was Andrew Fitzgerald.  Fitz was in foul trouble (shocker) at several points in the game, but he was easily the lone bright spot for OU.  Yet inexplicably, as evidenced in the horribly bad shooting stats above, they consistently settled for jump shots that seemingly never went down.  
  • To me this game (and possibly our entire season) was summed up to me in one play that started the 2nd half.  You can call it overreaction, but to me it was indicative of so many things wrong with not only this team but the current state of the entire program.  So to start the 2nd half, OU takes the ball out at mid-court.  Cade Davis is inbounding the ball, or attempting to anyway, to Carl Blair who is being defended by whorn fan favorite Dogus Balbay.  Davis make a ridiculously lazy inbound pass, Balbay steals it, and Blair is forced to foul him to avoid an easy layup.  So this is our opening possession, just out of halftime, just after what I'm sure was a riveting Capel halftime pep talk, and our senior leader just freaking gives the ball away to start the half.
  • 46 points is the lowest output for OU this year, only eclipsing the mark they set earlier in the week against A&M.  Sadly, this stat will remain in jeopardy for the remainder of the year.
  • Possibly OU's only best chance for a conference victory this year will take place Tuesday night @ 7pm in Norman against Texas Tech.  If OU were to lose this game, we will be looking at the very real possibility of a winless conference record.