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Is OU in jeopardy of losing current commit Brandon Carter?

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Current OU 2011 commit, Brandon Carter (#10), will take an official visit to TCU this weekend.
Current OU 2011 commit, Brandon Carter (#10), will take an official visit to TCU this weekend.

UPDATE:So now that the weekend has passed, there is some news/speculation slipping out about Carter's TCU visit.  Soon to be guest of Sooner Nation, Josh McCuistion of gave an update last night regarding Carter's status with OU.  There is nothing "official" at this point, but there are multiple sources reporting that Carter has indeed switched his commitment.  The interesting part is Carter was scheduled to have an official visit (similar to the visit he just took to TCU) to OU this coming weekend.  So it will be interesting to see if this news is true and whether or not Carter still makes his visit to Norman this weekend.  Josh did also confirm what I said last night on the show, which is Stoops is not a fan of kids taking visits after they've committed.  He won't pressure them to make a decision like some other schools (cough, texass, cough), but once they've decided on OU he does not appreciate them going on official visits to other schools.  No decision has been made to pull his offer, but OU has been known in the past with situations similar to this to essentially stop recruiting a kid which pretty much sends the message without actually pulling his offer.

The other interesting part of this story is if Carter is indeed lost, does this open up his scholarship for another player.  As we mentioned last night on our podcast, the player most likely to come to mind is current Texas commit CB Josh Turner.  Turner had been very outspoken, even after the departure of Will Muschamp, that as long as Duane Akina was staying that he was 100% committed to Texas.  Well with the news last night that Akina had left UT, it's only natural for OU fans to start wondering if Turner can be turned back to OU.  According to Josh and his sources, he's hearing that if Carter is truly gone that it's not likely he will be replaced with another player.  As we've talked about here, OU's scholarship numbers are very tight so the thought is that OU would just let him go and save the schollie for next year's class.  Personally, if Turner were to get serious about OU I'm not sure the coaches wouldn't find a way to make room for him but if the numbers just aren't there then they're not there.  As always, we'll keep you up to date with any and every thing we hear.

While we are certainly not a recruiting website, we took take pride in keeping you up to date on any and all things OU. So when news broke Friday that current 2011 OU commit Brandon Carter could be possibly wavering on his verbal commitment to OU, we knew we needed to give you the latest.  You can check out CC's recruiting spotlight on Carter here in case you're not familiar with his work.  Carter has been committed to OU for quite some time, since June 8th, 2010, so this late development is somewhat of a surprise.

Carter is technically listed by recruiting services as an "athlete" mainly because he was one of those high school kids who was asked to do everything.  During his senior season, he was primarily asked to play QB (as most h.s. kids who are the best athlete in the school are) but at times he also played RB and WR.  OU was reportedly recruiting him as a cornerback despite the fact that he was such a dynamic offensive player with the ball in his hands.  

It is believed that OU wanting him to play defense rather than offense is what lead to this now official visit to TCU this weekend.  The appeal of playing on that side of the ball was apparently enough to get Carter down to Ft. Worth and has Sooner fans worried about the possibility of losing one of their most athletic 2011 commits.  Carter has been notoriously quiet throughout his recruitment, so it may be difficult to get concrete answers about his TCU visit this weekend.  Rest assured that we'll bring you any news as soon as we hear it, but we also won't post something just to post it.  This is the game of recruiting and things can change very quickly or prove to be needless worrying.  So just keep that in mind as TCU is a quality program, but there is no doubting they cannot compete with everything OU can offer.  That's not to say they can't convince Carter to change his mind, but as I mentioned he's been committed to OU for a long time and I'm guessing it would take a very impressive visit to get him to switch his commitment.