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Las Vegas has OU football ranked #1 heading into 2011 as well

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Las Vegas has been good to OU in years past with guys like DeMarco Murray and Quinton Carter and now the odds makers are following suit by establishing OU as the early favorite to in the 2011 National Championship.  I must admit I find this kind of stuff really interesting and while I would never bet on a football game since gambling is illegal (wink, wink), the little bit of money that Vegas rakes in every year on sports betting does add to their credibility when they have OU as the odds on favorite to win the national title in 2011.  According to online gambling site,, OU has been installed as a pretty considerable favorite (7-2 odds) to bring home #8 next year.  Alabama has the second best odds at 15-2, followed by early non-con OU opponent Florida State at 10-1 (very interesting), LSU and Boise State at 12-1, and 2010 runner-up Oregon at 14-1. 

Here are the odds of the remaining teams listed:

10-1: "The field"

15-1: Florida

18-1: Nebraska

20-1: Ohio State, Penn State, TCU, Texas

25-1: Stanford

28-1: Virginia Tech, Wisconsin

30-1: Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Notre Dame, West Virginia

35-1: Texas A&M

40-1: Michigan State

50-1: Auburn, Georgia, Miami, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina

60-1: Iowa, Missouri

75-1: Cincinnati, Michigan, North Carolina

100-1: Arizona, Cal, Clemson, Pitt, South Florida, Tennessee, Utah

125-1: Arizona State, BYU, Georgia Tech, Oregon State, Texas Tech, Washington

150-1: Boston College, Kansas State, UCLA.