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Former Iowa Hawkeye RB, Brandon Wegher, confirms plan to transfer to OU

Now former Iowa RB, Brandon Wegher, confirmed today that he plans on transferring to the University of Oklahoma.  According to an interview with The Des Moines Register, Wegher confirmed the rumor.

Former Iowa running back Brandon Wegher plans to continue his football career with the Oklahoma Sooners.Wegher confirmed his decision during a brief phone interview today with the Register.

"It’s true," Wegher said. "Absolutely."

Wegher rushed for over 600 yards and eight TDs as a freshman in 2009, but left the Iowa team for personal reasons just before the 2010 season.  Wegher sat out the 2010 season and requested his release, which was granted this past December.  Wegher was a four star prospect according to Rivals and is the all-time rushing yards leader in Iowa high school football history.  Here are some highlights from Wegher's 2009 season to show you what kind of RB the Sooners are not apparently getting.

No offense to this kid, because by all accounts he is a very good RB, but I have to think there are some much better places to transfer where he'd have a chance to play.  As we all here know, OU is absolutely loaded at RB for next year so it's hard to see this kid getting many snaps.  But who knows, maybe he shows up and shocks me.  With as much talent as we do have returning, it's not like any of the guys are really "proven" so maybe Wegher has a better chance than I originally thought.  We'll just have to wait and see, but regardless OU has apparently picked up another talented football player.  What will be really interesting to see is how this works out with respect to our scholarship numbers.  Because with this incoming class we were already over the limit, so Bob must know something the rest of us don't (like maybe the fact that he's not going to keep all five of those freaking kickers on scholarship!). 

Welcome to Sooner Nation Brandon!

UPDATE:  I just read that Wegher is expected to walk on at not be on scholarship (at least for now) and that he is also required to sit out 2011 per NCAA transfer rules.  So the earliest he could play would be 2012 at which point he would be a junior eligibility wise, obviously leaving two years remaining that he could play for OU.