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OU football finishes #6 in both final polls, 2011 top five prediction

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OU finished at #6 in the final AP and Coach's polls, both polls had the same five teams (in the same order no less) ahead of OU.  Can't really take issue with any of the teams ahead of OU, with one possible exception.  The teams in order are:  Auburn, TCU, Oregon, Stanford, and Ohio State.  To me, tOSU and OU are interchangeable.  I know they only had one loss and OU had two, but the Big 10 is a joke and they proudly put that on display with their bowl performances (not that the Big 12 was stellar, full disclosure). 

Check out the full polls after the jump.

Looking at these polls below, I can't help but wonder what the first (legitimate) preseason poll will look like next year.  Both CC and I, as well as some of you here, have speculated where OU will land heading into 2011.  Personally, I can't see them being outside the top five.  Initially I was thinking top three, but then I remembered to take into account the influence of ESPiN and army of talking idiots. 

So, my prediction for the preseason 2011 top five are:  (1) LSU (2) Oregon (3) OU (4) Stanford (5) Ohio State.  Sadly after the MNC game Monday night, we'll have to hear for another entire offseason just how dominant ESPiN and the talking heads believe the SEC to be.  For that reason alone I was rooting for a team that cheated my beloved Sooners so incredibly bad and that alone should tell you how tired I am of hearing about the S-E-C.  Even if Lester leaves for Michigan, I just can't see the powers that be putting anyone other than an SEC team at #1.  LSU returns more than most, so I think they are the natural favorite/choice for SEC champs.  I think Oregon will still have plenty of supporters and will garner enough votes to sneak ahead of OU at #2.  With the Golden Boy back, I can't see Stanford outside the top five even after losing Harbaugh.  Ohio State gets the final spot because they are Ohio State and are perennially overrated and will be again.  I put OU at #3 more out of my own personal bias, because deep down I don't think we'll get the credit we deserve and are more likely to show up at #5 than #3.  Which, to be clear, is just fine with me.  With our schedule, if we handle our business, we'll find our way to #1 eventually.

2010 Final AP Poll

1 Auburn (56) 14-0 1472
2 TCU (3) 13-0 1392
3 Oregon 12-1 1379
4 Stanford 12-1 1300
5 Ohio State 12-1 1220
6 Oklahoma 12-2 1108
7 Wisconsin 11-2 1055
8 LSU 11-2 1051
9 Boise State 12-1 1031
10 Alabama 10-3 961
11 Nevada 13-1 866
12 Arkansas 10-3 863
13 Oklahoma State 11-2 833
14 Michigan State 11-2 696
15 Mississippi State 9-4 578
16 Virginia Tech 11-3 577
17 Florida State 10-4 502
18 Missouri 10-3 477
19 Texas A&M 9-4 359
20 Nebraska 10-4 334
21 UCF 11-3 225
22 South Carolina 9-5 169
23 Maryland 9-4 144
24 Tulsa 10-3 128
25 North Carolina State 9-4 119