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Breaking News: Pitt Fires Head Coach/Fiesta Bowl Could Suddenly Be An Audition For Co-Offensive Coordinator Jay Norvell


Josh Heupel and Jay Norvell are splitting duties offensive coordinator duties for tonight's Fiesta Bowl game but it could be a one hit wonder for Oklahoma's offensive coaching duo.

The Pittsburgh Panthers fired new coach Mike Haywood today after his domestic violence charge was upgraded to a felony. I'm not going to get into the domestic abuse issue other than to say that it takes a big man to beat up on a women and as Val Kilmer would say as Doc Holliday in the classic movie Tombstone, "You sir, are no daisy at all."

Now all focus could be back on Oklahoma's Jay Norvell who was in the mix for that job before Macho Man Mike Haywood was hired. Norvell shares the game planning with Josh Heupel (who will be the play caller) and has done an outstanding job coaching Oklahoma's receivers.