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New Year's Day Bowl Predictions And Game Thread

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(Fiesta Bowl Game Thread Will Be Up At 6:30)

Nw_medium Tt_medium
Ticket City Bowl
11:00 AM CST
Score Prediction: 34-27 Texas Tech
MVP Prediction: Texas Tech Quarterback Taylor Potts


Outback Bowl

Noon CST

Score Prediction: 38-31 Penn State

MVP Prediction: Penn State Running Back Evan Royster


Capital One Bowl

Noon CST

Score Prediction: 31-7 Bama

MVP Prediction: Alabama Running Back Mark Ingram


Gator Bowl 

12:30 CST

Score Prediction: 19-14 Michigan 

MVP Prediction: Michigan Quarterback Denard Robinson


Rose Bowl 

4:00 CST

Score Prediction: 26-10 Badgers

MVP Prediction: Wisconsin Defensive Back Antonio Fenelus


Fiesta Bowl 

7:30 CST 

Score Prediction: 52-21 Oklahoma 

MVP Prediction: Oklahoma Quarterback Landry Jones