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Sooners Drop To 10th In AP Poll

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Oklahoma, Florida and Texas all struggled in the season debuts resulting in the Sooners and Gators taking it on the chin in the polls. Florida drops four spots to #8 and the Sooners drop down three to #10. Meanwhile, Texas who looked anything but the part of a world beater survived the storm and stayed solid at #5. Not only that but someone out there thought that the Longhorns looked like the best team in the nation on Saturday and rewarded their getting stuffed at the goal line against Rice with a first place vote. Hmmmmm...too much orange kool aid will do that to ya.

The big winners of the weekend in the polls were the Boise State Broncos who stayed at #3 put picked up 8 first place votes and TCU who jumped into the Top 5 at #4. Thoughts?

AP Top 25

  • 1.Alabama (47)
  • 2.Ohio St. (4)
  • 3.Boise St. (8)
  • 4.TCU
  • 5.Texas (1)
  • 6.Nebraska
  • 7.Oregon
  • 8.Florida
  • 9.Iowa
  • 10.Oklahoma
  • 11.Wisconsin
  • 12.Miami (FL)
  • 13.Virginia Tech
  • 14.Arkansas
  • 15.Georgia Tech
  • 16.USC
  • 17.Florida St.
  • 18.Penn St.
  • 19.LSU
  • 20.Utah
  • 21.Auburn
  • 22.Georgia
  • 23.West Virginia
  • 24.South Carolina
  • 25.Stanford