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College Football Game Day Open Thread

We'll have the official game thread for Oklahoma's game against Utah State up around 5:00 pm (CST) but there's plenty of college football to talk about before then. Within the Big 12 there are only a handful of games that are intriguing. Missouri vs. Illinois will give us a good look at how the Tigers are going to adjust to the absence of Derrick Washington. Colorado and Colorado state will show us if the Buffs offensive line has improved or not. UCLA at Kansas State is Big 12's marquee match-up of the weekend. Washington State at Oklahoma State lets us see exactly what the Cowboys have to work with this season. Other than that the rest of the games on the Big 12 slate are dogs.


Big 12 Football Schedule
11:30 - Illinois/Missouri
1:00 - Colorado/Colorado State
2:30 - Texas @ Rice
2:30 - UCLA @ Kansas State
6:00 - Utah State @ Oklahoma
6:00 - Sam Houston @ Baylor
6:00 - Stephen F. Austin @ Texas A&M
6:00 - Washington State @ Oklahoma State
6:00 - Western Kentucky @ Nebraska
6:00 - North Dakota State @ Kansas

Nationally the big game of interest isn't until Monday night when Boise State travels to take on Virginia Tech. That doesn't mean there isn't anything to watch. Oregon State @ TCU and LSU @ UNC are two games that I'm interested in.

National Games Of Interest

6:45 - Oregon State @ TCU

7:00 - LSU @ North Carolina

That's my run down of games. What are you watching? Leave your comments below!