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Scouting The Utah State Defense

For all the Aggies accomplished on offense last season they lacked on defense. In 2009 they were woeful against the rush and the pass. This year's version of the Utah State defense is supposed to be bigger, faster and stronger than last season's but when you finish 110th in rush defense (205 YPG) and 101st in pass defense (249 YPG) you really can't get any worse.

Utah State Defense


Chris Randle



Nathan Royster


Sean Enesi



Daniel Gurrola


Levi Koskan


Curtis Marsh


Junior Keiaho


Devin Johnson


Bobby Wagner


Walter McClenton


Rajric Coleman


Among some of the other defensive stats from last season you won't find the Aggies bragging about are 455 total yards surrendered per game (ranked 113th nationally) and 34 points allowed per game on average (ranked 107th nationally). This explains how a team with the 12th ranked offense in the nation last season could only win four games.

This isn't all to say that there isn't any talent on the Utah State because there certainly is. Linebacker Bobby Wagner is actually one of the best linebackers in the WAC. Last season, as a junior, he recorded 114 total tackles, including 7 for loss and 2 interceptions. He's got good speed and covers ground very quickly as well as being a sure tackler once he reaches the ball carrier. He and DeMarco Murray are going to get to know one another pretty well. 

Both corners are capable of providing run support. Rajric Coleman had 75 total tackles and Chris Randle 53 last season. Both guys are seniors and will be counted on to provide leadership but there's a significant problem when three of your top tacklers (#2, #3, #5) are members of the secondary. That means that against the run opponents are getting past the first and second levels of defense and in the passing game their completing passes into the secondary.