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2010 Oklahoma Football Preview: Linebackers

There's certainly a lot of buzz about Oklahoma's linebackers going into the season but there really isn't a lot of experience. Travis Lewis has been the team's leading tackler for the last two seasons but he'll be lined up next to a redshirt freshman returning from a knee injury and a guy who has built a ton of hype off his performance in the Sun Bowl.

Oklahoma Linebackers Two Deep

CB           DE DT DT DE       CB   
Ronnell Lewis Tom Wort Travis Lewis
Joseph Ibiloye Jaydan Bird Corey Nelson


Travis Lewis racked up 109 tackles last season including 9.5 for loss. He's the motor of the linebacking corps as well as the mouth. He'll also be faster than some of the running backs that the Sooners face this season. Shoring up the middle is Tom Wort who was making a solid case for playing time before last season before suffering a season-ending knee injury during camp. Ronnell Lewis only recorded 22 total tackles in 2009 but they were some of the most spectacular tackles of the season. It was his six tackles in the Sun Bowl that led him to fame and he'll be looking to build on that in 2010.

With Austin Box suffering from a back injury depth becomes an issue. Two sophomores and a freshman are slated as backups with only Joseph Ibiloye having true game experience. He'll most likely be the one who steps in for Ronnell Lewis when the Sooners move him up to the line as a stand up pass rusher.