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OU WR Jaz Reynolds suspended indefinitely

WR Jaz Reynolds has been suspended indefinitely after making an inappropriate comment on his Twitter account.  OU has been very outspoken about not wanting their athletes to use such social networking sites and that if they chose to do so they would be monitoring them very closely.  Reynolds used incredibly poor judgment leading to the suspension and adding to the significant disappointment he has proven to be after coming on late last year.  It appeared Reynolds had fallen out of favor with the coaches well before this incident as was going to "redshirt" in 2010, this simply assures that he'll start 2011 in the doghouse as well.

Coach Stoops release the following statement through the university:

"Because of his insensitive remarks on Twitter relative to Tuesday's tragedy in Austin, we have suspended Jaz Reynolds from our team indefinitely. Our rivalry with Texas will not come at the expense of dignity and respect. We have great concern for what happened in Austin and I am incredibly disappointed that someone connected with our team would react so callously. We have taken immediate action and I hope by doing so have illustrated how seriously we view this matter."