OU vs Texas - Injury report

As we've addressed here in the past, Coach Stoops isn't exactly forthcoming when it comes to releasing information regarding player injuries. However, there is no bigger week than OU/TX so if there is anything out there to report (no matter how insignificant) Crimson and Cream Machine is going to bring it you.

  • We'll start with the bad (expected might be more appropriate) news. LB Austin Box will not be available, but could potentially be available by the Iowa State game. DT Casey Walker is also out after spraining his knee last week against Cincinnati. Finally, RB Roy Finch will once again be out despite returning to practice this week.
  • CB Jamell Fleming has been declared 'probable' for Saturday which is good news for Sooner fans. Fleming has been outstanding since the Utah State game and while UT doesn't have any true game breakers at WR, it will ease all of our concerns that we won't have to line up true frosh Aaron Colvin in the Cotton Bowl. Now to be clear, that is not meant to disparage Colvin as he acquitted himself quite well against Cincinnati after Fleming went down. If anything, it hopefully showed Coach Martinez and Coach Venables that it would actually be possible to play three CBs on the field at the same time. Wow, what a concept!
  • More good news, RB Brennan Clay is expected to play after missing the previous two games with a concussion. I think it will be important for OU to use all of their backs on Saturday, so hopefully we'll see Clay get involved in both the running and passing game.

Non-injury related news, freshman WR Trey Franks has changed his number from #9 to #2. So update all your programs Sooner fans!

It's just short of 9 am here in Kansas and Texass still sucks!!!

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