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CCM Programing Note - Sooner Nation OU/Texas Preview Show Tomorrow Night At 9:00 (CST)

Its time to preview the Red River Shootout and we're going to try and dissect every aspect of the game. Join us for our two hour preview episode! Here's what we're discussing -

* Whose offensive coordinator is worse, Wilson or Davis?
Score prediction of course

* Will the vaunted UT secondary be able to stop Broyles? Do you think they man up Aaron Williams on him no matter where he goes?

* Can OU win the game if DeMarco and the other RBs aren't successful running the ball?

* Are there any UT defensive players that worry you?

* What OU offensive players do you expect to be a "difference maker?"

* Will UT have something special planned (similar to what Cincy did) to keep the heat off Gilly?

* What are the chances UT can run successfully against our front seven?

* How many turnovers can we expect from Gilly?

* Are there any UT offensive players that worry you?

What OU defensive player do you expect to be a "difference maker?"

* Coaching comparisons and track records.

* Special teams as the difference makers?

* Score predictions

* Big 12 rundown.

You can listen to the show live here at Crimson And Cream Machine. We'll have the widget up on the show thread in plenty of time to tune in. The show will also me made ready to download or listen to from our site immediately after or available on iTunes about an hour or so after the broadcast. To keep it from being such a long download we're breaking the show up into two segments. As always we'll have the show thread open for your comments. Help us out by spreading the word!

You can listen to Sunday night's broadcast here

Oh yeah, Its 1:59 PM CST and...