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UT releases depth chart for OU week

As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer so in that line of thinking I thought you all might be interested to know about some changes the losers Horns made today when they released their official depth chart.

  • Much to every ones surprise I'm sure, UT will now enter OU week with their 4th different starting RB in five weeks.  Now I'm fudging here a little as D.J. Monroe is listed as "co-starter" with the mythical creature known as Fozzy but I think the point is still made.  You all remember D.J. right?

  •  Emmanuel Acho, who had started the first four games at MLB, has replaced now former starter Dravannti Johnson at SLB.  Dustin Earnest is the new starter in the middle.
  • James Kirkendoll, he of the "let's celebrate a meaningless late TD catch while being completely oblivious to the fact we are getting our arse kicked", has been bumped in favor of screen pass catching aficionado Marquise Goodwin.
  • Former "five star, best DE recruit ever" Alex Okafor who was so good at DE they moved him inside to DT is now listed as the starter opposite Kheeston Randall.
  • Freshman WR Mike Davis is still listed as the starter, but his status as this point is not clear.  He reportedly tweaked his knee and could potentially miss Saturday's game.
  • Apparently the vaunted UT offensive line has done such a spectacular job opening holes for that downhill running game that they've all managed to hold on to their starting spots.  So OU fans thank you for that Mack and Mac!
  • And by far the best news with this release was knowing that the offense will once again be lead by turnover machine Gilly!

Oh and just in case anyone had forgotten, TEXASS SUCKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!