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College Football Game Day Thread


The Oklahoma/Cincinnati game thread will be up around 4:30 PM (CST) today but until then we'll use this one to discuss the happenings of the college football world. The two best games in the afternoon (not involving OU) are set for 2:30 kickoffs. Alabama at Arkansas and UCLA at Texas are the two games I'll be keeping a close eye on. For some reason I'm really juiced about the Arkansas/Bama game.

In the night games I'm intrigued about South Carolina/Auburn, Oregon State/Boise State and West Virginia/LSU. Check in here early and often to post your thoughts on today's action.

Big 12 Schedule

11:30 UCF @ Kansas State

1:00 Miami (OH) @ Missouri

2:30 UCLA @ Texas

5:00 OU @ Cincinnati

6:00 S. Dakota State @ Nebraska

6:00 New Mexico St @ Kansas

6:00 N Iowa @ Iowa State

7:00 Baylor @ Rice

Head-To-Head Top 25 Games

2:30 #1 Alabama @ #10 Arkansas

#24 Oregon St @ #3 Boise State

#22 West Virginia @ #15 LSU