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Results: Week Three C&C Tracking Poll

Thank you to everyone who voted in the new feature - Crimson and Cream Machine Tracking Poll. It has now been closed, so it will not be accepting responses any more. 

There were some interesting results in the first poll, and we'll see how things fluctuate with the ebb and flow of the season. I'll pretty much just go with a summary of the results for the first couple of poll result posts. After a few weeks we'll have enough data for some pretty graphs.

Without any further ado, here are the approval ratings:

  • 62% approve of the way OU is playing football, 38% disapprove.
  • Despite a relatively high approval rating overall, only 55% approve of the way OU is playing offense, and only 51% approve of the way OU is playing defense. All three metrics indicate an overall favorable opinion of the Sooners after their first 3 games.
More results will be available after the jump.
  • 51% of you were content with beating Air Force by only 3 points, while 49% were not happy.
  • Not surprisingly, the poll that had OU ranked higher was viewed as more favorable. 81% of you thought the AP Poll gave OU a fair shake at #8, but only 70% thought the Coaches' Poll did with OU at #9.
  • 47% of respondents named Ryan Broyles the Sooners' MVP so far. Another 36% voted for Demarco Murray. The remaining 17% was split amongst Landry Jones, Jeremy Beal, Mossis Madu (editorial comment: really?), Tony Jefferson and Tress Way.
  • The Texas A&M game is the most difficult remaining game, not including the Red River Rivalry, according to 55% of respondents. Next closest was Bedlam at a respectable 34%. 
  • A whopping 94% of you thought that scheduling tough non-conference games was the correct strategy.
  • 66% of you thought Texas was missing Colt McCoy most, 26% thought Texas Tech was missing Graham Harrell most, and the remaining 9% thought OU was missing Sam Bradford most.
  • Despite the BCS getting more votes of confidence than I ever imagined, 62% of you still thought the BCS was an unfair technique to evaluate the college football champion.
  • In the closest-to-unanimous vote, 96% of you thought Alabama was deserving of the #1 ranking.
  • 64% of you thought that the Big 12 will still be viewed as an elite football conference when Nebraska and Colorado leave.
  • 57% of you thought that TCU should be added to the Big 12 if the conference chooses to expand again (editorial comment: I totally agree). If we based the additions on your voting, Air Force would sneak in as the 12th team, although they only got 13% of the vote. Honorable mentions include Colorado State and Houston. It also needs to be noted that 21% of you thought we should remain as a 10 team conference.
What do you think about these results? Voice your opinion below!