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Big 12 Football - 10 most pivotal players (through three weeks)

I thought this would be a funny little exercise in the midst of a fairly slow news week.  Feel free to jump in on the comments with your own Top 10 list or just to criticize mine.

  1. Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez - I doubt I'll get much argument here.
  2. Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas - As expected, K-State will go as far as Thomas can carry them.
  3. Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray - Has been the workhorse just as advertised through three games.
  4. Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles - Despite every team knowing he's getting the ball, he continues to do nothing but get open.
  5. Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden - You're telling me the NCAA doesn't have a rule against being a starting QB while collecting social security?
  6. Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter- Surprisingly low output against Tulsa, but they chose to force Weeden to beat them and boy did he ever.
  7. Oklahoma QB Landry Jones- You could argue no team's performance is tied so closely to one player than OU and Jones.  They've been good enough to win when he struggles, but that changes here pretty quick.
  8. Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon - I had to do a double take when I saw he leads the conference with nine TDs.
  9. Missouri WR T.J. Moe - Wes Welker type slot WR for anyone who hasn't seen him play.  Just one of those kids you wouldn't really think could get open and yet he does all the time.
  10. Texas DE Eddie Jones- I think it's just a matter of time before this name is replaced with Jackson Jeffcoat, but for now you just can't argue with Jones' four sacks.  Oh and if there are any UT fans lurking, Boomcoat is really stupid and just plain lazy so you're going to have to do a little better than that.

I will say I'm disappointed and somewhat surprised I could find room for more defensive guys.  I'm preferential do defense personally, but I just couldn't really find anyone who deserved to jump the rest of these guys.  I'll forego honorable mentions so I don't steal any of the guys you all think I should have included above.  Jump on in on the comments below and give us your Top 10!