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Talkin' Sooner Football With Heisman Trophy Winner Jason White

Sooner born and Sooner bred are accurate terms to describe former Heisman trophy winner Jason White. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with the former OU signal caller who will be in Norman this weekend with the Allstate Tailgate Tour to meet and greet fans. Of course we had to talk about Reggie Bush but we also talked Sam Bradford and Mark Clayton, Heisman statues and the Air Force Falcons.

CC Machine: So, Jason. Tell us what you're up to this weekend with the All State Tailgate Tour.

Jason White: I'm teaming up with All State to have the opportunity to interact with the fans. The event will be held at the corner of Lindsey and Jenkins from 10:00 am - 2:30 pm. I'll be there from Noon - 1:00 for a Q&A time and interaction with the fans. I always enjoy interaction with fans and always have a good time visiting before games. This is going to be a lot of fun. Fans will have the opportunity to make signs for the game, take photos in front of the All State field goal net and someone is going to win the chance to try and kick a field goal for a thousand dollars. 

CC Machine: You've obviously gone through the Heisman process, won a trophy and are now a proud member of that fraternity. Talk a little about the Reggie Bush situation from your side of the situation as a voting member for the Heisman.

Jason White: We had already decided as a group that we were going to support the Heisman Trust in what ever decision they made. If they were going to take it back we would stand unified with them or if they were going to allow Reggie to keep it we were going to support that decision as well. The Trust represents all of the Heisman winners and were were going to show solidarity.

For Reggie to stand up and give back one of the biggest awards he's ever won says a lot about him.

CC Machine: Having already gone through the Heisman process and now being a part of it as a voter, how were you able to coach Sam Bradford through that same process?

Jason White: We talked a lot that week leading up to the Heisman Trophy ceremony. I was able to give him pointers on things like what to wear to various events and this is what you do at this event. We also talked about how winning the Heisman Trophy will change you life forever. He's done very well at representing the University of Oklahoma and the Heisman Trophy.

CC Machine: Your former teammate, Mark Clayton, has gone from catching passes from you to catching passes from another great Sooner quarterback in the NFL. What did you think about him getting traded and now teaming up with Bradford in St. Louis?

Jason White: I thought it was a good move, especially for Mark. He had a very good game on Sunday.

CC Machine: The Wall Street Journal recently came out with an article saying that the statues of former players and coaches popping up around the college football landscape is getting out of control. How do you feel when you stroll through Heisman Park, see your statue and know that it will forever be a part of the Oklahoma Sooners game day tradiiton?

Jason White: I think its unbelievable. Still to this day it amazes me to see my statue there. One day I'll be able to walk through Heisman Park with my kids and they'll see a statue of their daddy there which is just an incredible thought to me.

Schools are proud of their teams and traditions and that's a great way to honor that. Its like a room that has all the trophies in it. Why wouldn't you want to to show them off and let the world see the championships and games your program has won.

CC Machine: You were the backup quarterback the last time Oklahoma played Air Force. Let's end this by you giving us some keys to Oklahoma's success against the Falcons on Saturday.

Jason White: The first thing that they have to do is stop their triple option offensive attack. I know that Coach Venables takes that to heart and will have a good plan.

On offense they just need to keep doing what they've been doing and they'll find success.

Air Force is a team that can come up and bite you if you're not ready to play them. Kinda like Utah State was in week one.