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OU vs. Florida State - mini recap

Just when I thought you couldn't play any worse, you go and totally redeem yourself!  (credit Dumb and Dumber for that line).
Just when I thought you couldn't play any worse, you go and totally redeem yourself! (credit Dumb and Dumber for that line).

In what is quickly becoming a tradition, I'm too impatient to wait and do a true in-depth recap so here is a mini one we can discuss while we watch the evening games.  Let the bullets start flying.

  • First, our thoughts and prayers are with Brennan Clay tonight.  The latest out of Norman is that he does have feeling in all of his extremities and was taken to the hospital simply as a precaution.  So that is absolutely good news!!!
  • So long to your Heisman chances Mr. Ponder.  Now I'm not really one to kick a guy when he's down, so I'll simply leave it at that.  There was a considerable build up from Nole fans here throughout the week regarding Ponder and what Sooner fans could expect, unfortunately for Ponder and his fans that performance never materialized.  Credit to the Sooner defense and the defensive game plan which forced Ponder into what I imagine to be one of the worst games of his career.
  • Greg Reid could go on to have an amazing season, but rarely can I remember an opposing player as hyped up as he was come into Norman and do less.  OU kicked to the dynamic return man all day and outside of a long return called back due to a penalty, Reid did absolutely nothing.  I guess it could have been worse for him though, I mean he could have been Lamarcus Joyner and been introduced to The Hammer on that kickoff return (bonus site points for the first person to post that hit!).  He went on to make things worse by getting some cheap penalties and trying to talk smack after being abused all day by Ryan Broyles.
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Landry probably quieted most of his critics (myself included) today.  He had what by at least one statistic was the 2nd best half in OU history.  He finished 30-40 for 380 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INT.  He even scrambled for a first down on a naked bootleg play that almost caused me to have a heart attack (see bullet below).
  • I have already begun drafting an apology letter to Kevin Wilson.  He pulled out all the stops today and in my own humble (and irrelevant) opinion called an excellent game.  The bootleg, the TEs getting catches, FB getting a catch, and just spreading the ball around.  I sincerely hope this is something we see week in and week out going forward.
  • The offense didn't run the ball particularly well, but to be fair they didn't really need to.  I'm pretty confident that if they would have had to run the ball they would have been able to.  Madu came back off his one game suspension and I thought played pretty well.  Had a scary moment early when Murray looked to be shaken up, but he returned on the next series and appeared to be just fine.
  • The two areas that CC and I discussed having to get better did exactly that.  We addressed Landry above, but the CBs and secondary in general played an outstanding game.  Jamell Fleming completely redeemed himself repeatedly making great plays in the secondary, getting a pick for the second consecutive week, and having zero blown coverages.  Nelson and Hurst also played excellent games and Q.Carter was his usual steady self.
  • I thought the LBs played very well.  Travis was all over the field and even picked up a nice INT.  Wort was a stud in the middle and clearly learned from the mistakes he made last Saturday.  He played much more under control this week and seemed to not overrun as many plays.  
  • Now on to the nitpicking, which when you when by 30 against another top 25 team is pretty obnoxious but I just can't help myself.  First, I thought they spread it around with the WRs much better against FSU but it was still a little too lopsided for my tastes.  Broyles had 12 receptions and the next closest was Kenney and Murray who both had four.  They continue to run these bubble screens and do so successfully, I just don't understand why they can't run them for anyone else other than Broyles?  Second and in my mind much more significant, why the heck were any of the starters in there during the 4th quarter?  Landry was still in the game with about 10+ minutes left and that is just baffling to me.  Bob has been notorious in the past for leaving starters in way too long and he seems to still have that nasty little habit.  Why they would even risk the threat of an injury to a starter when we have that big of a lead is beyond me???  They did wind up getting all the youngsters, and when I say all I mean all, eventually but they could have been in much earlier.  Again both these are incredibly minor issues I realize and we really only need to focus on the terrific win tonight!

OU came out from the beginning and gave us everything we expected.  They sent a message to everyone watching today and the most exciting part is they still could have played better.  We've got plenty to be excited about heading into Air Force week and we've certainly have plenty to discuss tomorrow night when CC and I get together for our first live show to recap OU's impressive win against FSU.  We'll be able to take all of your comments in the live chat room, so if there is anything you want to talk about just send it in and we'll be happy to discuss it.  We're here for you the people, so you can make the show whatever you want it to be.  See y'all tomorrow night and BOOMER SOONER, big win baby!