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OU Football Practice Report: Is This Comment Good Or Bad?

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"If we started today we would play Tony Jefferson as our starting nickel back," - Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables.

Looks like Stills isn't the only freshman working to push his way on the field.

Where's Justin Chassion? So apparently defensive tackle Justin Chassion's name is missing from the media day photos and on Saturday is was confirmed that he isn't with the team but tending to a personal matter. Hmmmmmm. 

Stoops Likes What He Sees!

"I rarely (offer too much praise), until I get a chance to see," Stoops told the gathering of 1,000-plus at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. "But what I saw today, the way they ran, the way they showed up at practice, I really believe it's gonna be our best, or one of our best, recruiting classes since I've been here."


"I don't want to redshirt anybody," Stoops said. "I believe in playing them four years. I believe that the quality of players we're getting, they're not going to be here that fifth year. And they're better players in their second year maybe when you need them more having played even a little bit their first year."

"I'm really excited, truthfully, about our offensive line," Stoops said. "I think it has a chance to be much, much better than people think. They gained a lot of experience with a lot of young guys a year ago. They've really had a great year in the weight room and spring ball in how they competed."