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Friday Forum – Ranking The Big 12’s Receiving Corps

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This week's forum focuses on ranking the various receiving units within the Big 12. When it comes to this flashy position there are some serious contenders for Top Dog but to be ranked as the as the team with the top receiving corps its gotta be more than just one man. Here's our take on it.


1.  Texas A&M - Jeff Fuller leads the way with this ranking, which is the 2nd consecutive week the Aggies have come in at #1 in our breakdowns here.  Every time I see Fuller play I can't help but imagine what he would have looked like in an OU uniform.  He was a one time OU commit who obviously changed his mind and wound up in College Station and is the resident #2 WR in the Big 12 heading into 2010.  However, Fuller isn't alone as he's joined by the talented Uzoma Nwachukwu and Ryan Tannehill.

2.  Oklahoma - The homer in me really wants to put OU in the #1 spot, but I just couldn't justify it.  I absolutely believe in the potential of Dejuan Miller, Jaz Reynolds, Justin McCay, and especially Kenny Stills but as of now potential is all we have to go on for the most part.  So despite having the best WR in the Big 12 (if not the entire country) in Ryan Broyles, I just couldn't give OU the top ranking based simply on one guy.

3.  Texas Tech - Having a plethora of talented WRs in Lubbock is nothing new, so the question this year will be how they use them after the pirate aficionado was given the boot.  I'm curious if Tech will be able to continue to make them all happy if they're not putting the pigskin up 60 times a game like back in the good old days?

4.  Texas - Even the biggest UT hater cannot argue the considerable depth of talent the Horns have accumulated at WR.  Of course if you were to ask most UT fans, they'd say that about pretty much every position on their entire roster so take it with a considerable grain of salt.  All that said, UT is in a somewhat similar position as OU in relying on very talented kids who at this point in time are very unproven.  One big difference though, we still have one of the best in the country on campus while they just lost theirs to graduation.

5.  Missouri - No more Jeremy Maclin, no more Danario Alexander, so who will be the next Mizzou WR to step into the spotlight?  The primary candidates are Jerrell Jackson and Wes Kemp, so remember those names when our Sooners head to Columbia later this fall. 

6.  Nebraska - In my own humble opinion the Huskers have one guy, Niles Paul, and that's it (at least as far as WRs go).  I know from what I've read that NU fans are VERY impressed with his abilities, but I've yet to see anything that would justify all the hype he appears to be getting.  One site I read claimed that Paul "may be the league's best deep ball threat - he almost certainly is the league's best perimeter blocker" both of which I think are extremely debatable.

7.  Baylor - Similar to Nebraska in that they have one standout guy in Kendall Wright and then a drop off after that.  Granted, if you have a QB like Griffin with the ability to scramble on every play you make your WRs that much more dangerous.  The Bears have plenty of speed but are lacking in size and experience heading into 2010.

8.  Colorado - Much like several positions, the Buffs mostly have a collection of bodies that make up a respective position.  With the exception of slot WR Scotty McKnight, that certainly applies to the WR unit in Boulder.  Former Michigan Wolverine Toney Clemons is now eligible and CU will be counting on him to make an impact from the get go.

9.  Iowa State - Full disclosure, I don't really know anything about the Cyclones WRs.  Doing a little research, I read their projected starters Darius Darks and Jake Williams are good red zone targets with dependable hands.  There's my brilliant analysis.  The plus side for ISU is despite the fact I know nothing about who they have, they still ranked ahead of the next three teams.

10.  Kansas - KU lost Dez Briscoe and Kerry Meier and have nothing even close to replacing them.  Lone holdover Jonathan Wilson is more than serviceable, but no that he's the #1 target and not #3 will be challenged to get open consistently.

11.  Oklahoma State - Hard to believe that a team switching to a Mike Leach style offense in 2010 has such a black hole of talent at the WR spot.  They're so desperate for talent at WR, they allowed an accused former drug dealer back on the team.  Wow, I'm not sure UT has even done that.

12.  Kansas State - Two weeks in a row the Wildcats have taken the #12 spot, not good K-State fans. 

CC Machine

  1. Texas A&M - Jerrod Johnson will not be short on targets with this crew. Ryan Tannehill, Jeff Fuller and Uzoma Nwachukwu all recorded over 40 receptions individually last year while averaging more that ten yards per reception.
  1. Oklahoma - Nope! I know what you're thinking but this isn't a homer pick. We all know what Ryan Broyles is capable of but Dejuan Miller came on strong as the season progressed as well. Behind them Jazz Reynolds will be looking to improve from an adequate freshman campaign and true freshman Kenny Stills is looking to have an immediate impact.
  1. Texas Tech - Alex Torres may have been the most impressive freshman receiver in the conference last season but Detron Lewis matched him stride for stride and actually edged him in receiving yards (844/806) and yards per reception (13.0/12.0). In addition, Tramain Swindall and Baron Batch aren't bad third and fourth options either.
  1. Texas - The Longhorns took a hit with the departures of Jordan Shipley and Dan Buckner but don't let that fool you into thinking there aren't any targets left for Garrett Gilbert. James Kirkendoll and Malcolm Williams return as the leading receivers from `09. Behind them is John Chiles who 34 receptions for 319 yards.
  1. Colorado - This is perhaps my "shocker" in the rankings but don't underestimate the duo of Scotty Mcknight and Marques Simas. The two combined for 119 catches for 1,478 yards in a pass offense that just wasn't that good.
  1. Missouri - The Tigers are going to look to the air early and often in 2010 and looking to reap the benefits will be Jerrell Jackson and Wes Kemp. There is depth behind them but its unproven.
  1. Oklahoma State - O-State's passing attack struggled after losing Dez Bryant last season but Hubert Anyiam did his best to fill the void by hauling in 42 passes for 515 yards and 3 touchdowns. Justin Blackmon caught 20 passes for 260 yards last year as a reserve and will move into a starting role in 2010.
  1. Baylor - Kendall Wright and Lanear Sampson are Baylor's two returning starters at receiver. Sampson had a solid freshman campaign and will be looking to step up his role as a compliment to Wright.
  1. Nebraska - Niles Paul is superstar material and Mike McNeill is better than last season's 28 receptions they just need consistent quarterback play to prove it.
  1. Kansas - Senior Jonathan Wilson is the only returning starter for the Jayhawks. Last season he finished a distant third on the teams in receptions with 35 for 449 yards and no scores.
  1. Iowa State - In 2010 Jake Williams will do his best to replace the departed Marquis Hamilton while Darius Darks will attempt to register more than last year's 28 receptions.

12.      Kansas State - Unfortunately for Wildcat fans I have to agree with JTE on this one. They've got nothing in the way of returning starters at the receiver position.