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Sam Bradford Finally Has A Sam Bradford Night

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Breaking into the NFL has been a bit tough for Sam Bradford. Going into Thursday night's game against the New England Patriots at Foxborough, the former Sooner quarterback's inaugural NFL pre-season had been marked by sacks, sacks and more sacks as he ran for his life behind a second unit offensive line that would make the 2009 OU line look good. That was before Thursday night though when Bradford got his first start and produced a much different result.

On the Rams' first drive of the night Bradford was 4-for-4 passing including a 32-yard toss to Donnie Avery and a 5-yard yard touchdown pass to Michael Hoomanawanui. It was the first touchdown pass of Bradford's NFL career and while there will be no official record of a preseason game it was still pretty significant.

Three possessions later Bradford would strike again. This time it was a 12-yard pass to Hoomanawanui to cap off a short 38-yard drive in which he only threw two passes, completing them both. At the end of the night Bradford was 15-22 (68.2%) for 189 yards and two touchdowns in just one half of play.