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OU RB Roy Finch has hairline fracture in ankle

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Coach Stoops announced Wednesday afternoon that talented freshman RB Roy Finch has a hairline fracture in his ankle.  The injury was initially thought to be simply a sprain, but now that the fracture has been found Finch could potentially miss up to two months.  Stoops said he still expects Finch to play this season despite the injury, but I can't help but think that is just wishful thinking.  What would be the point of Finch missing up to the entire first half of the season and not redshirting?  I have to think this is just Bob delaying the inevitable and trying to keep the kid's spirit up by not simply declaring him out this season.  Now he could easily prove me wrong by playing him this year, after all Finch had drawn absolute raves from nearly every player throughout the summer.  There really is no bright side to this other than the fact that RB is probably the one position OU could afford an injury.

Regardless if he plays or not, this is incredibly disappointing news considering how well Finch had apparently been doing this summer.  Not to mention, considering all the injury issues OU had last season this (along with Austin Box's back injury) is certainly not the way Sooner fans wanted to start the season.