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OU Football practice report/mini update

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Just a couple little nuggets coming out of Norman tonight that we wanted to get up for everyone.

  • To no one's surprise I'm sure, Stoops confirmed today that Mossis Madu will not play against Utah State.  He wouldn't refer to the DUI incident specifically, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots on this one.  Personally, I think if he's only held out of that first game it's a pretty weak punishment by Stoops as that game is little more than a scrimmage.
  • The team has selected the captains for 2010 and they are: DE Jeremy Beal, LB Travis Lewis, and QB Landry Jones.  No surprise here with the first two guys and I could just be wearing my crimson colored glasses, but I think Landry being chosen is a very, very good sign.  
  • In by far and away the most disturbing news, Coach Stoops also announced that they were holding open tryouts for walk-on kickers!  That's right Sooner fans, despite having four (even five if you include Way) options at place kicker Stoops has decided their performance has been so bad he's inviting Joe "I played soccer in high school" Frat Guy out to try and put a few through the uprights.  This is incredibly upsetting news and can only lead one to assume that the kicker position will continue to be a MAJOR concern yet again this year.
  • Continuing with the whole kicker debacle, I have to ask how is it possible that a program the caliber of OU cannot seem to recruit a big time kicker?  I would have thought any top level kid in this recent 2010 class would have had OU at the top of their list given all the problems OU had last year.  It is simply inexcusable that the coaches have failed to get a top notch kicker on campus and we have now reached The Pirate esque status where we are essentially calling a kid out of the bleachers to come suit up.  As much as I hate to even say it, ask Texas if having a clutch kicker paid off for them last year?  Again I have to ask, how is it possible that OU cannot bring in a big time kicker recruit?