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OU Football releases strength and conditioning leaders

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I'd venture to say most Sooner fans are aware Coach Stoops is pretty notorious for speaking in generalities and releasing as little as possible to the mainstream media.  So when he and/or the university actually gives us something interesting to talk about (and let's face it, this close to the season finally starting every shred of info can start some kind of conversation), I tend to jump all over it.  Which leads me to the information below released via detailing some of the off season strength and conditioning highlights for each respective position.

Check out the numbers after the jump.

It should be noted, that the statement noted that not every player participated.  

Bench Press  
 Centers  Ben Habern, 445
 Offensive Guards  Stephen Good, 480
 Offensive Tackles  Cory Brandon, 430
 Receivers  Ryan Broyles, 345
 Running Backs  DeMarco Murray, 380
 Tight Ends/Fullbacks  Brandon Crow, 390
 Quarterbacks  Landry Jones, John Nimmo, 325
 Cornerbacks  Jamell Fleming, 345
 Safeties  Sam Proctor, 355
 Defensive Ends  David King, 420
 Defensive Tackles  Adrian Taylor, 445
 Linebackers  Travis Lewis, 405
 40-Yard Dash  
 Centers  Ben Habern, 5.12
 Offensive Guards  Gabe Ikard, 5.11
 Offensive Tackles  Donald Stephenson, 5.10
 Receivers  Kenny Stills, 4.40
 Running Backs  Roy Finch, 4.50
 Tight Ends/Fullbacks  James Hanna, 4.53
 Quarterbacks  Drew Allen, 4.65
 Cornerbacks  Jamell Fleming, 4.48
 Safeties  Jonathan Nelson, 4.40
 Defensive Ends  Pryce Macon, R.J. Washington, 4.72
 Defensive Tackles  Casey Walker, 5.00
 Linebackers  Ronnell Lewis, 4.56
 Centers  Austin Woods, 365
 Offensive Guards  Stephen Good, 625
 Offensive Tackles  Cory Brandon, 475
 Receivers  James Winchester, 460
 Running Backs  -
 Tight Ends/Fullbacks  Brandon Crow, 500
 Quarterbacks  Drew Allen, 405
 Cornerbacks  Gabe Lynn, 375
 Safeties  Quinton Carter, 445
 Defensive Ends  J. Beal, J. Brown, R.J. Washington, 485
 Defensive Tackles  Casey Walker, 625
 Linebackers  Daniel Franklin, 525
 Vertical Jump  
 Centers  Ben Habern, 25.5
 Offensive Guards  Gabe Ikard, 27
 Offensive Tackles  Donald Stephenson, 30.5
 Receivers  Ryan Broyles, 37.0
 Running Backs  Roy Finch, 35.0
 Tight Ends/Fullbacks  James Hanna, 34.5
 Quarterbacks  Blake Bell, 31.0
 Cornerbacks  Lamar Harris, 41.0
 Safeties  Quinton Carter, 40.0
 Defensive Ends  R.J. Washington, 32.0
 Defensive Tackles  Stacy McGee, 30.5
 Linebackers  Travis Lewis, 36.0
 Body Fat %  
 Centers  Ben Habern, 19.7%
 Offensive Guards  Gabe Ikard, 20.5%
 Offensive Tackles  Eric Mensik, 15.1%
 Receivers  Brandon Caleb, 4.4%
 Running Backs  Mossis Madu, 8.4%
 Tight Ends/Fullbacks  Trent Ratterree, 10.1%
 Quarterbacks  Blake Bell, 7.0%
 Cornerbacks  Jamell Fleming, 7.3%
 Safeties  Quentin Hayes, 6.5%
 Defensive Ends  Geneo Grissom, 7.3%
 Defensive Tackles  Stacy McGee, 10.7%
 Linebackers  Daniel Franklin, 7.2%

Plenty of info in here to get into so jump in down in the comments to keep the discussion going.  I'll highlight a few of the stats that stood out to me.  Stephen Good is a beast!  Those who follow recruiting will be familiar with the stories about his power lifting in high school, so his strength should come as no surprise.  I'll admit I was surprised to see Travis Lewis with the top bench given everyone seems to marvel at The Hammer's strength in the weight room.  Now that said, Ronnell running a 4.56 40 at his size is just wrong!  Dude is listed at 6-2 240 and is approaching the 40 time of freshman RB Roy Finch who is listed at 5-8 180.  Wow, just wow.

Kenny Stills is going to impress some people this year.  I think the hype surrounding Ronnell Lewis is significant and justified, but I could see Stills having just a big of impact on offense as Lewis does on defense this year.  R.J. Washington continues to prove to be an impressive athlete, but he just hasn't been able to put it all together and get on the field yet.  I'm really hope this is the year the light bulb comes on or it might wind up being the perpetual case of what might have been with him. 

What did I miss?  What stood out to you?  Discuss . . .